Skyrim? Nah, Let's Look At An Improved Morrowind Instead

For all that is good about Skyrim, there are still Elder Scrolls fans who have a special place in their hearts reserved for the relatively wacky 2002 iteration of the series, Morrowind.

Which is great, because Morrowind is a great game! It's also, sadly, a little ugly these days, which is a problem for those either looking to play it for the first time or looking to play it for the first time in years.

Not to worry. The Morrowind Overhaul project continues to look very promising in that regard. While we've seen other attempts at giving the old game a new lease of life this year, they've had their problems, something Morrowind Overhaul 2.0, as this project is called, is looking to improve on.

It certainly does look lovely. For those with a copy of Morrowind on PC and would like to check it out, it should be out in the next week or two.

Morrowind Overhaul [Nehrim]


    Looks great. I might actually go back and finish Morrowind now.

      What stopped you?

        Probably side-quests. I have to say; Migod this looks amazing. I love modders!

        In my case it was the combat - it was just a chore to the point I couldn't do it any more. I still think my time with the game was fantastic and recommend it to people all the time, but I'll probably never play it again either.

        I can't really remember, 9 years ago now. I'm pretty sure I moved out of home half way through and didn't get my own PC for a couple of years after. I must of just never got back to it.

    long as this one doesn't get banned/pulled.. should be good...

    looks like they've got an auto-installer too... very nice

    While it is great they are getting the lighting and shadows improved, what makes Morrowind look really old is the npcs. Remodel those and then we shall have a game truly brought back to life.

    Mutton dressed as lamb, love that song but, DOVAKIHN, DOVAKIHN Mmm Mmmm.

    That settles it. A reason to get back into Morrowind, finally.

    Anyone know of any mods that make the combat in Morrowind bearable? I love the lore, the books, all that stuff but I can never play the game for long because the combat is so bad. Bad graphics dont worry me (though if I start playing again i am getting this overhaul for sure.)

    This will help me finish Morrowind finally XP

    Also the song is amazing, where can I get a copy of it?

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