Morrowind Just Got Even Prettier With This New Graphical Overhaul

I may have spent an ungodly number of hours wandering around Skyrim, but I still miss Morrowind, the setting of the third game in Bethesda's Elder Scrolls series. The swamp-covered, volcano-tormented realm of the dark elves just had so much character; it was an endlessly interesting place to go questing. (The soundtrack really was the best, too.)

Morrowind's graphics can look a bit dated by modern standards, but thanks to a dedicated modding community, Morrowind regularly gets a very intense graphical overhaul. The version 3.0 overhaul, seen in all its resplendent glory in the trailer above, is now available for download.

Be warned, though: This isn't some easy as pie Steam Workshop mod — it's a very involved process. Fortunately, the people behind the mod have also uploaded this walkthrough for how to install all the files needed to make it run properly:

I have been meaning to go back to Morrowind, and when I have a moment I'm going to give this a shot. I also want to see the version of the game that's been modded into Skyrim. Then again, I kind of just want to replay the actual game Morrowind; better graphics are just a bonus.

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    Like I needed a new excuse to play Morrowind.

    So how long til this get pulled down because someone complains about it.

    Of topic...holy new comments system batman!

      Agreed, new comments system is boss. Good job guys.

    It was a really deep RPG, not very accessible like Fallout, Oblivion and Skyrim. But it was a great game, this mod just makes it a bit easier on the eyes.

    Looks hawt.
    I lurved that game. I collected every candle in Morrowwind to put in my Khajits room. I wonder how it would look now?

    The overhauls have been going for awhile, and this latest update is fantastic, hopefully its easier to get working with my video card unlike 2.0.

    Includes nude patch.

      Can't believe I didn't capitalise the first letter of my username!

    I just might have to dust off the old disc and give this a go.

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