The Best Video Game Trailers Of 2011

With an onus on spectacle and selling you on a mood, instead of a stage or actual footage, video game trailers have become an artform unto themselves.

That being the case, we thought we would, as usual, look back on some of the year's best.

These aren't necessarily the trailers for the best games (though big ones do feature). Nor are they the trailers which best showed off what a game could do (though sometimes that's the case). They're just the best trailers, the most entertaining, the funniest and/or the most polished.

If there's one you think we missed, drop it into comments and it we'll see what we can do about getting it in the gallery.

Dead Island

Star Wars: Old Republic

Portal 2

Prey 2

Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Grand Theft Auto V

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Forsaken World

Battlefield 3

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

Diablo III

Tomb Raider

Team Fortress 2


    Bioshock Infinite

    And the award for most deceiving trailer goes to.......DEAD ISLAND!!!!

      Lol yeah. Dead Island is my pick. It certainly got people talking about the game and stirring up interest. Also I loved Dead Island! As for how it represented the final game though.....

        I like Dead Island a lot, but the trailer represents a completely different game, right down to the actual zombies and how they move...

    Most are teasers, not trailers.

      Teasers are a short trailer hence why they are called teaser trailers.

    Most are teasers, not trailers.

    Ahh Dead Island... I remember it coming out and myself trying to find a copy of it for three weeks I don't know how the PR got its hype started.

    no child of eden?

    trine 2 was pretty good, it just showed off how beautiful that engine was. but I think I got excited the most over old republic's sith trailer even though I'm not playing the game

    I think Deus Ex: Human Revolution's Cinematic trailer deserves a mention - awesome music, great images and really evokes the feel of the game.

    The Dead Island trailer stopped me from buying a game I probably would have otherwise. I'm told its like Borderlands, which I love, but after that trailer, anything but an emotional rollercoaster could only disappoint.

    Wow, I never saw the Prey 2 clip before 0_o A little concerned as the game seems to (still) be completely not what Prey is (seems to be more a space bounty hunter game :/)

    BF3 really should be represented by the Caspian Border trailer. Excellent choreography for in-game footage and some classic trailer moments like the EOD bot crashing into that barrier.

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