The Last Guardian Creator Says He Remains Hard At Work On His Game

The Last Guardian creator Fumito Ueda took to Twitter earlier today to reassure fans that he is still hard at work on his game.

"Ueda says he's been getting lots of Q's lately, but fear not — they're hard at work on Last Guardian, as always," tweets 8-4's John Ricciardi, loosely translating Ueda's Tweet today.

Last week Eurogamer reported that Ueda had left Sony, completing his work on The Last Guardian as a freelancer before embarking on "personal projects".

Ueda doesn't appear to directly address those rumours in his tweets and Sony declined to comment on them last week.


    Please, please stop putting up pictures of the game if your not talking about the game itself. I don't know anything about this game except for the boy, the bird cat, it's a puzzle game and I am trying my hardest to get hyped for it. It's hard when you can only look at a 2 second trailer for virtually no answers >.>

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