The Last Of Us Trailer Is Full Of Hints, Says Naughty Dog

They didn't expect to be able to keep it a secret. They were worried it would leak. But the co-presidents of Naughty Dog managed to keep the fact that their Uncharted studio has been making The Last of Us for a while. Moments after the first trailer was revealed, the two chatted with the official PlayStation Blog and teased that the short trailer contains "lots of clues and little teases in there about what the game is about."

So scour it some more. We've rounded up some details about The Last of Us, but surely there are things we've missed.

Naughty Dog's First Comments on The Last of Us [PlayStation blog]


    Ign will have a field day with this!

      They already have

    What else is there to say? A behaviour-altering fungus that targets humans starts to spread and infect people. Some are immune. They have to survive. Think I Am Alive or The Road but with zombielikes. Could be other details but fairly irrelevant right now.

    Almost seems like a game adaption of I am legend that will smith movie from a few years ago, looks good and naughty dog usually deliver well polished games, can't wait for more.

    Sounds like yet another boring post-apocalyptic themed game.

    why is it that kotaku videos no longer work on my browser? its out of 5 videos, 4 of them wont work for me...

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