This Gamer Has Balls. Wants To Beat You.

Remember R.B.I. Baseball? The classic sports title for the Nintendo Entertainment System? This gamer is so confident that he can defeat anyone at it, he or she took out an ad in a local Oklahoma newspaper.

"I Cannot Be Beaten at RBI BASEBALL," the advertisement reads, with a phone number for "Contenders".

Developed by Namco, R.B.I. Baseball was noteworthy for actually having pro players, such as Dale Murphy, George Brett, and Vince Coleman — who can pretty much guarantee a second-base steal.

Just like this ballsy R.B.I. Baseball is guaranteeing you'll lose.

[Thanks Jeremy!]


    Coulda been a contender..!

      Instead of a bum?

        It was you, Charley



            Boy, what a fruitcake you are!

            <3 back at ya, lobo. Ain't no classic movie reference getting passed me, kid.

    that would have been interesting... 22 years ago

    I loved that game. The piggy-back cartridge stayed in my NES with Mario Bros./Duck Hunt for such a long time...

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