This House Was Built For LAN Parties

Google software engineer Kenton Varda has a pretty great house. Not because it's all clean and new and rather large, but because it's been built specifically with LAN parties in mind.

The house has twelve "fold-out computer stations", with six each in two rooms (for team play!), and which normally just look like monitors placed in a wall. Move some wood panelling, though, and they transform into little PC gaming stations, each packing the following hardware:

CPU: Intel Core i5-2500

GPU: MSI N560GTX (nVidia GeForce 560)

Motherboard: MSI P67A-C43 (Intel P67 chipset)

RAM: 8GB (2x4GB DDR3-1333)

Monitor: ASUS VE278Q (27" 1080p)

The stations all run off a network, so he doesn't have to tinker with each individually, and even have security that can send images to his phone when he's out of the house.

In addition to the PCs, he's also got two big flat-screen TVs with "a selection of game consoles attached", but people are in a PC state of mind "we usually end up streaming pro starcraft matches to these".


LAN-Party optimised House [Kenton's Weekend Projects, via Reddit]


    Do want.

      Needs better chairs, but this is definitely going in the "Want-to-have-when-I-build-a-house" list

    He really wants that smell in his house regularly?

      With his income, I'm sure he can afford a decent supply of febreze or something.

    all that money on a pretty cool setup, but such crappy chairs

      And then he remembered he only has 5 friends.

    LAN parties, so 1990's do modern games even support LAN?

      the good ones yes the bad ones no.

        I knew skyrim was missing something...

      Been living under a rock, I see.

    clearly google engineers get paid some good money.

    Awesome. I always imagined myself doing something similar when I can afford to build my own house.

    i did do that, not as neat though. The hardest part is finding games that support lan. Too many gaming sessions on my lan are eating up too much of my internet usage.... grrr.. The classics always come out because they just work. AOE2 FTW,

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