This Is The Most Batshit Insane Nintendo Trailer I've Ever Seen

Kiki Trick is an upcoming Wii game from the team behind the WarioWare series. This is it's trailer.

So, yes, not only is there FMV in a Nintendo game, but it is amazing.

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    it is certainly bat shit insane, but then what isn't that comes out of japan, tho its not as insane as Nintendo charging 70 dollars for a game that comes free with the Wii and Wii sports resort you can probably get for 10 dollars, just because you can play them on the one disk!!!!!!


    What ever the hell this is - I want it!

    My sister is currently translating on the fly (this will be rough) and is odd.
    Girl in front of sign (sign says "big bargain sale!): Welcome! Welcome! WELCOME!

    Pirate Captain: What's this!
    Mermen: Heeey!

    Guys with giant ears scene....sounds like she's saying "I just want to eat your ears!". It's kinda distorted.
    Then she says "ear bread!" and they show a picture of it.

    The anime guy says "I am company president Shintarou. And you are?"

    When the athletes are lined up, the announcer yells "Numbers!", and they yell "One! Five! Four! Seven!"

      Wait better translation incoming

    This part is kinda iffy.

    Water ad: When your body's feeling dried out, refresh yourself with: Water from this Area! (that's the actual name of the water brand -_-)

    Roulette Chance! The wheel lands on the word "failure".

    Next scene: A long time ago.... *men crack open the bamboo* a word for 'ridiculous' is written inside the bamboo. The man says "this is just stupid", or something to that extent.

    The sign says "What's going on?" or "What is it?", then as the banana flies past the kid says "yellow fruit!"

    Ok, I can't for the life of me figure out what the guy says in reply to the little girl watching the vendor lady.

    The girl says "Isn't this kinda wrong?" in a Kansai regional dialect, then he just talks too damn fast for me.
    I'll get back to it.

    Storytelling guy: "Suddenly, Shiro turned around. It was the sound of footsteps; pitter...patter....

    Crazy anime girls: "Do you know Mimiko? Zettai Onka (name of show, means "Perfect Pitch"), Mimiko! Chapter one, Mimidoru's Birthday! Kira and Mimidoru!

    So unless the translation is super off then WOW!

    It reminded me of the intro for the original C&C, just more Japanese-y

    Nintendo just went full retard

    It's like flipping through different channels on Japanese television.

    I would expect nothing less from the creators of Warioware

    this is a game trailer? uh..

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