Here's Every Trailer For A Nintendo Console

With Nintendo about to unveil more details about the Switch in a few days, here's a reminder of how they advertised all their other consoles to the world.

YouTuber NeoKoopa64 produced this montage of every Nintendo console commercial back in November. It's still a great watch today, and could provide a bit of insight as to how Nintendo like to market themselves to the world.

It covers everything from the original NES ad in 1985, through to the Switch reveal last year.

Man that SNES ad was great. Can you imagine if they did that for the Switch in 2017?


    Does anybody remember the Mario-as-news-reader ad talking to Robocop? They featured a scene from the movie.

    I also remember a N64 ad on tv literally beeping out and blurring Goldeneye from a montage of other games.

    Damn, the N64 didn't quite reach it's T2/Jurassic Park level potential...

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