This Week In The Business: 'PS Vita Will Die A Horrible Premature Death'

What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "PS Vita will die a horrible premature death." — Bossa Studios head Henrique Olifiers giving his provocative take on how Sony's new device will do in the market.

QUOTE | "Xbox 720 in 2012 would be a disaster." — Veteran games journalist Chris Morris talking about what Microsoft has to do to make the Xbox 720 a success.

QUOTE | "Quite frankly, this is cutting into my Skyrim time." — Epic Design Director Cliff Bleszinski, talking during the Spike VGAs, says Skyrim is now his favourite game since the original Zelda.

QUOTE | "I hope digital distribution stabs the used game market in the heart." — Chris Avellone, Chief Creative Officer for Obsidian Entertainment, on what he thinks about digital distribution.

QUOTE | "If more than half of people disagree with my opinion, I'm an idiot." — Analyst Michael Pachter talking about what it takes to be a game industry analyst.

STAT | 33 per cent — Amount of total time on Wii that Wii users spend watching streaming video instead of playing games, according to a new study from Nielsen.

QUOTE | "Games will someday take over the world." — Sid Meier, designer of Civilization, talking about what he sees for the future of the gaming industry.

QUOTE | "PlayStation Move is tighter, cleaner and more precise." — Brian Upton, Creative Director on the upcoming Move title Sorcery, discusses why he thinks Move is better than Wii or Kinect.

QUOTE | "We're already achieving near PS3 cinematics." — Victor Harris, producer on Uncharted: Golden Abyss, talking about how Sony is in it for the long term with the PS Vita.

QUOTE | "Social gaming will see massive layoffs." — Rick Marazzani, head of content programming for Exent, talking about what the social game market will look like in 2012 as companies use more "belt tightening."

STAT | $US3 billion — Amount of game industry retail sales in November which is basically unchanged from 2010 despite huge Black Friday numbers and lots of hit software.

QUOTE | "No reason we can't build a company as big as Disney." — Rovio's Peter Vesterbacka talks about Angry Birds' continued momentum and how Rovio will build on that success.

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    Next person to say "Skyrim is awesome and perfect in every way, cannot be faulted and is a masterful piece of gaming goodness and will only be surpassed by another Elder Scrolls installment" Gets both a kick in the face and a copy of Dark Souls.

      I played Skyrim for three hours and couldnt take it any more.
      I hate having to have long conversations with NPC's, trawling through the various conversation branches, approaching every damn villager to hear what crap they may have to say.
      I find that stuff mindlessly boring, someone standing in front of me with a blank expression, mouth stuttering up and down, rambling on about some crap. . . I dont know what, I stopped listening. Something about a lost husband. . . whatever.

      And LA Noire has ruined facial animation for me. All games need to adopt what Rockstar did with LA Noire.

      Everyone keeps raving about Skyrim, but I just dont see it.
      I mean, I can see it good, but not the best damn thing since sliced bread.
      To me its slow and tedious.

      For me playing Dark Souls was like being kicked in the face. And being kicked in the face is not fun.

    I cannot wait for Rovio to get the slap in the face it needs. They had one fluke success, the gameplay of which was stolen from a flash game, and they do on about themselves as though they the bees knees.

    Also, Cliffy B is a bro.

    The irony is that skeptics said the iPod would never take off. I'm sure the PSP Vita will surely do the same.

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