This Xbox 360 Sleeps With The Fishes. No, Really.

The Red Ring of Death claimed many original Xbox 360s. Some of them were fixed. Some of them were recycled. And this one ended up a saltwater aquarium with live corals, fish, crabs, snails, and shrimp.

Spencer of Blue World Aquariums purchased and gutted a broken Xbox 360 for the purpose of turning it into a fully functional saltwater eco system.

The goal was to make something simple and safe. "Lighting is low-voltage, with the power supply and controller located inside the Xbox's external power supply box," wrote Spencer. "I utilized the existing power cable and connection and routed the wiring for the lighting through it."

Filters, a weekly water change, daily feeding, and this Xbox 360 aquarium is good to go. It's all topped off with LED mood lighting, and the promise of an Xbox 360 that met a bitter end and ultimately a glorious afterlife.

XBOX 360 Pico-Reef Aquarium [Blue World Aquariums]


    There used to be a place I went to when I was a kid in the early 90s that had done this with an old Macintosh. Except they had left a lot of the circuitry inside, basically just replaced the monitor with a glass cube and added mirrors around the back and sides, so you could see the motherboard and everything underneath being reflected around.

    Bit cruel to put a fish in a container that small.

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