Trading Places

This is Trading Places, where we collate the trade in deals currently available at the big three specialist games retailers in the country. If you have games to trade and you want to get the best deal possible, this is a pretty good place to start.

But first, a quick disclaimer — these trade-in prices will change from day to day. Also, today’s Trading Places is a bit different. Due to massive pre-owned sales taking place at retailers like GAME, trade prices won’t be as competitive as usual (and you probably won’t get a great deal if you trade-in right now), so we’re only displaying hardware trade values.

PS3 120 GB GAME: $175 EB: $155

PS3 160 GB GAME:$200 EB: $185

PS3 250 GB GAME: $215 EB: $200

PS3 320 GB GAME: $235 EB: $215

XBOX 360 Elite 120 GB GAME: $140 EB: $130

XBOX 360 Elite 250 GB GAME: $160 EB: $150

XBOX 360 S 4 GB GAME: $140 EB: $120

XBOX 360 S 250 GB GAME: $250 EB: $230

Wii (Resort) GAME: $52 EB: $47

Nintendo DSi GAME: $80 EB: $70

Nintendo DSi XL GAME: $125 EB: $110

Nintendo 3DS GAME: $135 EB: $130


    What if i want to trade in my now useless copy of Marvel Vs Capcom 3?

    I believe you get about $13

    I just signed up to EB's rewards program. It entitles me to extra trade credit, and seeing that it's my b-day in a few days, they just sent me a +50% trade credit coupon.

    I used to dislike them. But eh.. they seem to be treating me well lately.

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    For a few laughs:

    Trading in a 40GB PS3 gets you about $30-40. 60GB and 80GB ones get you about $50.

      Sorry, those are for GAME. I expect EB to be roughly the same if not lower.

      Better off just keepin'em an modding'em for Emulation

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