We All Wish We Were This Good At Battlefield 3

Gameplay as cinema? Sure, it can work, especially when it's as entertaining as Run, a short clip put together by YouTube user JackFrags.

While captured in-game, this isn't raw, live gameplay footage. Those aren't competitive opponents he's up against (in case you couldn't tell by the Stormtrooper-like accuracy and reflexes on display.

Everyone you see is just an "actor", playing their part in this piece of first-person entertainment. Think of it as a day in Rambo's life and you're set.


    If these were real people, he'd be dead at the second hostile :P Killing AI aint no Rambo!

    Pretty sweet, although the enemies probably could have aimed at him a little bit more realistically.

    so fake.. yawn

    Really cool, but I think speeding up the footage as soon as he jumped from the platform ruined what could have been an excellent breather moment in an intense action scene (the moment of silence as he hangs in the air before his fall)

    Pretty much looks like me while playing multi.

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