10% Of PS Vita Owners Experienced Hardware Failures

Certainly not 100 per cent scientific, but according to Kotaku Japan's PS Vita survey, 1 out of 10 Vita users had hardware issues and had to exchange or repair their hardware. Most everyone seemed happy with the Vita, though. [Kotaku Japan]


    if no scientific, y u post anyway!?

    10% seems high. I'd suggest it might be people hating on Sony, trolling the poll perhaps, but this is Japan and I don't think they have an irrational hatred of Sony like so many in the West do.

    Really? 2-lines and 2-words. Surely this warrants some further investigation? I really doubt its anywhere near that high, but if it is, its a disaster.

    in b4 tarrik

    Yikes! I hope those numbers are exaggerated. I don't like those odds for failure at all.

      hahahha Oh mr 'thinks hes right' but was 'dead wrong' bs? Still laughing now? The only joke was the embarrassment you made of yourself thinking your were right. Glad you remembered me, too bad you ran away when you had to prove yourself.

    On my mobile I only see a title and picture. Wtf? Source? People are saying a poll, what poll and where?

    Oh Ashcraft, Why do you do the things you do.

    Sure it's a really really rough estimate but 10% is ridonkulously high for an electronic device to fail. Yet Kotaku still has the biased balls to end the article with 'most everyone seemed happy with their vita'

    In another study, 7/8 posts on this article show despair/disgust at Brian Ashcraft articles, therefore 87.5% are disgusted by Brian Ashcraft articles!

    I dont believe that for a second. Not even factoring in that its probably trolls or Sony haters, but people who did have hardware issues would have gone out of their way to vote, whereas people who had no issues at all wouldnt have even bothered going to vote. This will be far exaggerated from the real total.

    Also, my comment was longer than this article. So were most of the others. Lol

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