Ninja Boobies And A Price Cut Help The PS Vita In Japan

The PS Vita isn't dead in Japan. Yet. Kidding! (Well, sorta.) Yesterday, the PS Vita's Japan-only price cut went into effect. Along with the cheaper portable, Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus (and its limited edition pack) also went on sale.

Thus, there was a line at the Yodobashi in Tokyo's Akihabara. Granted, this doesn't mean there was a line at every store in Tokyo, but there was one at this particular retailer. According to Inside Games, eventually about a hundred people lined up.

Look! Even an old man showed up. (Though, I'm assuming he wasn't waiting for Senran Kagura, but rather just to get into the electronics store.) So, if this proves anything, it's that cheaper hardware and ninja boobies will draw a line in Tokyo's geek district of Akihabara. Shocking!

新価格になったPS Vita、ヨドバシアキバ行列発生 ― 『閃乱カグラ』限定版目当ての方も [Inside Games]


    Lol. I thought the article's title was referring to ninja sigma 2 and ayane's -side boobs.

    So a Japan only price cut, anybody in the know is going to wait for it to trickle out of Japan to their region now.

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