An Angry Exit From Online Multiplayer

Commenter Seivewright has completely had it with online multiplayer games and he isn't going to take it anymore. Find out why in today's Speak Up on Kotaku.

I've totally decided now. No more online multiplayer whatsoever. No more "maybe this will be different...". No more "maybe if we work as team...". No more "if you keep at it, you'll get better...". Every game, every genre, it's always the goddamn same; spawn, run for a little bit, die.

The only exception is Battlefield 1943 and that's because if you get me in a cockpit, any cockpit, I'm a goddamn tyrannosaurus. It's pounding ground where I suck.

I freely admit that I'm clearly shit at these games, but I'd like to get at least some value for money from games with ever shrinking SP campaigns. I also admit that I do get a bit more skilled as time goes on, but that just means I manage to kill one, very occasionally two people before I die.

Any kill chain that occurs is purely born from circumstance and dumb luck. I've never been able to accrue the skill that sees me running forward and hitting my opponents with unerring accuracy. Sadly, it's not going to happen. Ever.

So this is me, retiring, abandoning, giving up totally on multiplayer. I've taken the arrow to the multiplayer knee. Games with five-hour campaigns, you can wait for bargain bin prices now before I pick you up.

It's SP gaming all the way now.

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    I feel his pain MP is going down the tubes now days i dont play for competitive reason anymore i play to have a laugh i dont play CoD at all anymore becuase i just CBF with it now,
    I play mostly SP and co-op unless my mates are all on Battlefield then ill play allitte with them and just fuck around for lols.

      Why hello there... :) On a serious note I still love MP! The Diablo 3 beta has me hooked, I'm going to be forever alone when the game is released. Minecraft is also incredibly addictive and brutally amusing. I love a vast majority of FPS games online, COD, BF, Payday, LFD2 just too name a few. I personally think MP is getting better and better every year.

    Yeah I play CoD/BF at a friend's house but don't touch it on my own time, using offense as a defense is boring, the first time I played one of these modern shooters it only took me an hour to see through it.

    Code wise, call of duty is as simple as a washing machine, people just walk around clicking a mouse, and it's sales are on top of the industry.

    it's probably crap like this:
    that makes people never want to play online again.

      goddamn thats fucked........fucking camping-spawnkill-douchebag. yea, I'd stop playing online mp if that happened to me >:(

      That right there is why I stopped playing COD. I loved COD4 but this happened to me in World at War. I took it out of the console and traded it the next day. Haven't been back since other than a very brief dalliance with MW2.

    No matter what ppl say about SP campaigns i just like to enjoy games at my own pace without all the complications of dealing with other ppl online...i get enough of that at work!

    I used to work at an internet cafe and a lot of the guys that played there used to ask me how I aimed so well.

    I watched them play and told them all the same thing "Why are you shooting when your crosshair isn't even on the guy yet..."
    "Dont shoot at all until you have actually aimed"

    At the next tournament we held they were the top 4 players.

    lol :P

    For me BF3 is significantly more fun playing with friends than without, at least you have someone to cover your back or avenge your death most times.

    The only "mulitplayer" I play is Skirmish w/ friends on an RTS=P

    At least everyone can all rage at the same thing... cheating AI xD

    I know how this guy feels. I suck at COD multiplayer or BF most of the time,
    and I am fed up with the whole attitude some 'better players than yourself' give: Aw if you are that crap you shouldn't be playing in the first place'

    What a load of nonsense. I actually really enjoy COD or BF. One thing I find hillarious is that your best score will only be frowned upon because you end up camping to save your ass and to try and get a few kills in the process because you never get the chance. I actually do try my hardest to get my skills up and not camp so much but with little result, and frankly every so often it just frustrates me more than getting full enjoyment out of the game. I ain't had a 11 streak carepacke in 80 damned years!

    Like this guy, it's always dumb luck I get a killstreak of maybe 8? lol.
    And that whole working as a team thing? He's ALSO right about that!!
    I love team deathmatches the most, but 90% of the time my team is always running around like headless chickens when you are actually trying to make an effort.

    I hear you bro! But don't give up!!! Multiplayer is still great!!
    The way I survive the most is by becoming unpredictable in my movements.
    It catches people off guard! Gets you a couple of non-campy skilled kills too!

    Yep I'd like awesome long campaigns again! Repetitive, boring multiplayer - other than BF3 since theres so much to choose from - gets old real quick

    hahaha please... i haven't played multiplayer competetively since bf2142 - and i played that for years after its release.

    I bought bf3. Played it for a bit, but realised why i left, and haven't played it for over a month, and don't feel any desire to either.
    But it's funny because i've found i enjoyed the modern warfare 3 campaign a lot more, which is the reverse of what should be happening because i was more pumped for bf3.

    These days, i just sit on my xbox, and don't really feel enthusiastic about signing on xbox live, and just playing single player games that have incredible story lines like AC... but even revelations has gotten a bit tiresome, having played all the previous ones.

    There's too much of the same these days. People just need to realise they are playing games to pass time - whether it's to be shut off from the world for a weekend, or a couple of hours, that doesn't matter. What matters is that it passes time in the best way possible - a way that will make you want to do it same time next weekend.

    I get the feeling a lot of players have underlying hatred for some games, and that just makes it torture.
    I'd rather go out to some crap club with my "metal head" mates and have drunken idiots try and pick a fight with me over a drink, or listening to the same blurring music screaming in my ear.

    But i digress. People just need to find a good game for themselves, not for the sake of playing it.
    And developers need to take advantage of this, and not make games feel like a full time job

    The times when I find myself in the mythical green room where I am smashing people down left and right it is not because of "skill". I am 39 so I am guessing that there are a bunch of teenagers and 20-somethings who have slightly faster reaction times than me.

    When I hit the zone it is because I am anticipating everything. I am moving constantly and I seem to "know" when I see a guy duck behind a building where he will probably pop up next... and he will be pointing that rocket launcher he had on his back at me. I am able to reflexively anticipate what his next move will be... and always expect them to do something smart. Expect them to pull tricks you pull. Expect them to come up with tricks you haven't thought of yet... and then learn those tricks.

    Way back in my Quake 2 days I used to get a lot of guys by simply sprinting away around a corner at the first rocket that went past my head like I was scared and then I would stop and turn, wait a couple of seconds then start blasting at the ground near the corner. 4 times out of 5 I would splash damage him or get him directly as he ran after me. One day someone looped back around behind me and got me that way. Next time I saw him I pulled the same trick but then faced the other way and got him as he tried to sneak around behind my back.

    This is an escalating war of tactics that is still going on today. Each game defines a limited set of rules and options within a discrete play area, and while these iterations of FPS generations might increase in complexity and even feedback ideas generated from the creativity of the players into new games, there is always room to think outside the box.

    A good example - I have never been a great sniper. The super zoomed scopes lock me out of my local awareness. I prefer mid range engagements. My favourite weapon of all time is the garand from Battlefield 1942. I was always able to take down snipers with that scopeless rifle, even at considerable distance. In Battlefield 3 I recently started using the sniper rifles without the scopes. On some maps with long streets or tunnels, this has been quite effective. I can snap off several high powered shots, retain local awareness and not lose a closer target as it charges me.

    Keep trying new things. Keep suprising them and even if you end up with a lower killcount or whatever - you get the satisfaction of pulling it off that time it does work.

      I agree with what you're saying; you need to keep yourself on your toes in multiplayer games. It's so easy to become habitual in the arena, and it's these habits that other players take advantage of.
      I play Quakelive myself as the competitve FPS of choice and due to my flaky internet, have been trying to tighten up my game. Doing well in a match where the odds are stacked against you and you're lagging up more than playing is quite an enjoyable feeling.
      Can't wait to get proper internet though.

    I never player FPS shooters online anymore. Mainly cos I am crap at them and don't have the time or patience (or even the desire) to improve my skills. I just want to jump in and shoot and few people and have a laugh. but its WAY too serious now.

    Plus my connection always seems to be terrible and I will shoot a guy with a whole clip only to be dead and find out it took me 10 seconds to do so...

    I will play one with a friend or two but won't play with random people. The only games I dont mind playing online with randoms are open world games like RDR or GTA4, or a racing game.

    A lot of people need to realise that in pretty much any shooter, Team Deathmatch is "Team" in name only. Stick to playmodes like CTF. You still get to shoot people but you'll find there's actually teamwork happening because there's more to the winning objective than just shooting your enemy. Or if you play CoD and CTF isn't your thing hit up Search and Destroy. Lots of fun to be had.

    The only FPS that has ever had me interested in multiplayer is Counter-Strike. While I've been able to play COD for long enough to be somewhat of a danger to other players, the regular dying in deathmatch games just doesn't work. There doesn't seem to be any strategy either. Run in, do your best, die, repeat is too brainless.

    Looking forward to CS:GO!

    I'm increasingly jaded when it comes to online MP. People find the cheapest tactic/most OP weapon or loadout then just go to town. It's boring, and if you deviate from the standard there's no value there. Even if the game is well balanced it's just a case of more experienced people griefing newer players.

    If you cant take the pain, stay out of the kitchen.

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