Battlefield 1943 Gets Aussie PS3 Servers, 360 Incoming

DICE has confirmed that Australian servers for Battlefield 1943 are now live. At least, the PS3 ones are.

But not to worry, the Xbox 360 servers are coming "soon".

After the unexpected success of the multiplayer shooter caught EA short of server space, DICE quickly promised action. They're now delivering on that.

DICE producer (and now honourary Australian) Gordon Van Dyke posted on the official forum over the weekend:

"So we have PS3 Servers running right now in Sydney. Xbox 360 ones will come online, but may take a few days to happen. Sales are going up and I have placed an order to increase the initial capacity to try and do my best to keep you playing local. Thanks for sticking by me guys and like I said, I'll always fight for my community!"

He followed up on Monday with a 360 update:

"These are still coming for Xbox 360, first amount is small because that stock was quick to get. We use insane spec hardware and have extra orders coming in, just takes a bit to get these Down Under!"

A further update on Tuesday used the word "soon".

Van Dyke also confirmed that the game supports local matchmaking so that Aussie servers will be prioritised for Aussie players.

Battlefield 1943 was the best-selling Xbox Live Arcade game in Australia last week. Looks like that faith is about to pay off.


    We love Gordon!
    (do do do dooo do)

    Surprised they even need them but its great news.
    Been playing on ps3 with basically no lag connecting to euro and us servers for the last week.

      Yeah, I have to agree.
      I thought we were already on the Aussie servers because of how little lag there was, and I'm playing in Tassie!
      This should make the lag unnoticeable.
      YAY :)

    I'm kinda interested on getting this on my PS3, can anyone tell me if its a worthwhile buy? Also, I don't suppose its in 1080p is it?
    (I have a 3 meter screen and 1080p projector, so anything other than 1080 looks crap and pixelly).

      Download the demo. 30 mins was enough to talk me into it. Mind you the skill level between the demo server and retail is huge. Flying is hard.

    I might actually pick it up now, I held out due to the pretty shaky launch on 360.

    @ brent.

    If you had no lag you were not on Euro or US servers.

    Eith that or you don't know what lag is.
    It is impossible to have a lag free game on a US server due to the physical distance.

    <3 <3 <3 Gordon Van Dyke <3 <3 <3

    Honourary Australian? [YES] NO

    Now only if others follow suit...

    cough cough Epic cough cough.

    Hopefully other developers will pay attention.

    Bought 1943 a few days ago. Best $20 I have spent in a while. (note I only purchased on reading the pending inclusion of ps3 local servers)

    I haven't bought it yet cos I'm on uni holiday, but first thing Wednesday morning I will fire up my xbox and download it.

    Aussie servers are one thing. They also need to implement (via patch):

    (a) a "local only" game search option; and
    (b) some coloured bars telling you what kind of connection you've got in the game (is it lag, or can I just not hit anyone?)

    Aussies servers is a huge plus for this title.

    I bought it on day 1 on 360, the lag connecting to US servers at first I thought was horrid.(but)

    I was leading ahead of the enemy players (anticipating lag) and missing every shot.

    However, aiming directly at the player showed hits all round, but with noticable lag in the hit indicator showing your hit.

    I guess the hit detection goes off client side and not server side, very good descision imo.

    With that said, Aussies servers are not a MUST have to play this game successfully and enjoyably but will certainly be a good way to get to play with fellow countrymen and not have to deal with douchy american teens.

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