Aussies Ignore Battlefield 1943, EA Adds Local Servers Anyway

After a chaotic launch that rendered the game unplayable for many, EA has committed to delivering Australian servers for Battlefield 1943.

Following up his hopeful post from yesterday, DICE producer Gordon Van Dyke has now confirmed local servers are on the way. On the official orums, he wrote:

"Australian Servers are Happening! I got official word this will happen within the next few days! So if you already bought it this should make your experience 1,000,000,000,000 times better!"

Fantastic news. Especially considering what he wrote next:

"I had to fight hard to get this after we got the sales numbers and Australia had really low sales numbers, it was 8 times less than Japan, 24 times less than the UK, and 34 times less than the USA! I hope I see this change so I can add even more servers in your region!"

So, let's get this straight. BF1943 sells badly in Australia and EA still decides to get us some local servers? I kinda like this new EA.

Although I guess many of you may have been holding off after hearing about the launch problems. Are you now keen to give it a try?

Australian Servers are Happening [EA forums]


    Playing BF last night was painful! It almost became a game of tactics, fire your bullets/ rifle grenades watch them hover in the air and hope someone is in front of them when they actually fire...

    Two problems yes we will get some server resources but the amount is dependant on sales.

    Sales are and will be low (PSN) because the only way to purchase is via a credit card. ANZ has not PSN Card.

    I couldn't even find BF1943 yesterday.. where is it?

    I've been holding off =) only came out today for ps3.

    I plan to give this a whirl this weekend. I only put off my purchase because of the 360 launch issues. Hopefully they're not so bad on the PS3 this weekend.

    I will be buying BF43 now, wasn't going to because there werent any local server options.

    Us Aussies HAVE TO SUPPORT the devs that look after us! And it's not like we're buying it as a charity case either, because the the game is awesome!

    If you can afford it, get it fellas. Show them what happens when they give us local servers!!

    *When* it works - it's a great game. I managed to get a few matches in last night and I didn't experience too much lag(no more than usual on xbl), just struggled to stay long in a game without being disconnected. It seemed to be a problem for the UK and USA too from what I heard.

    Tried again after 10.30 and there was a marked improvement - I could join a game easily and didn't get dc'd. Waiting until 10.30 every night so I can play a game I paid for isn't a great solution, so I'm looking forward to aussie servers.

    I have always intended to buy this, but after hearing about the problems since release I've been holding off.

    EA made a smart move and I will be buying this because of it, I hope everyone gets that message :)

    Battlefield Heroes has Aussie servers now too doesn't it?

    Played it this morning (AU Registered Account) was great..although a little laggy.

    Well worth the money at twice the price!

    Only downside is that you only get 30 minutes game play for a 550MB+ download. As we in general pay per MB here in Ausi probally the most expesnive demo in the history of gaming.

    this is a great move by EA.

    people need to make sure they support this where possible by purchasing the game if they were holding off due to possible issues.

    they wont be so likely to do it in future if they see no financial benefit in this instance.

    Low sales based purely on sales numbers?
    Or was percentage of population taken into consideration?

    It seemed to keep disappearing off the Marketplace and I don't think it showed up under 'New Releases' until yesterday, which may explain low sales. I think once these issues are all ironed out sales will increase - I know I'll be reccommending it.

    There will be slow sales as the only way to purchase is via a credit card online (PSN).

    Market size very low compaired to major distribution outlets. No PSN Network cards in ANZ means that many gamers will just give up on purchasing this game.

      If you're with NAz. just set up a Visa Debit Card and pay for it that way. If you're worried about security only put money on the card just before you spend it. Voila!

        *ANZ* rather. Pretty sure most major banks offer the same or similar service.

    Everyone needs to prove that it's worth them setting up a dedicated server in Aus by playing the shit out of this game.

      1200 MS points + local servers now = excellent value for Aussies/Kiwis IMHO

    Downloaded the trial version from Live, and so far haven't even been able to the match-making to launch. Just keeps saying it can't connect to the EA servers.

    Won't be buying the game until I can actually play the trial to make it's actually worth playing...

      Couldn't agree more.

      I picked up 2000 points just to get it, got the demo and BAM, unplayable. Why buy a game I can't play?

      I suspect low sales are due to the somewhat bumpy launch.

      Yeah I'd like to play it but no way am I coughing up 1200 points for flakey servers.

    EA are still tards.

      Well, no. It's clearly underperformed here when you factor in the relative population of the countries mentioned.

        Don't be silly Dave - why should Alioth do a little basic mathematics when it takes up valuable EA-hating time?

        That's assuming his figures are accurate. Japan selling 8 times more?

        Be careful everyone
        that Alioth is a giant,
        got your back buddy. ;)

    The game has only just come out!
    2.30am EST on the PSN.
    Got to give it a chance before declaring low sales.

    Well i know a lot of people who wouldnt buy it because of the lack of aussie servers. ppl are sick of laggy unplayable games.

    this is good news. having aussie servers will make a lot of people who were sitting on the fence buy this game and hopefully it will prove that a game with aussie servers sells much better here

    if killzone 2, cod:waw and mario kart wii can do it so should every game.

    Yay. Certainly EA will now follow suit with ALL their games and install AUS servers ... right?

    Pssh, yeah right.

    Look at it the other way. If they *don't* add Australian servers, noone will buy it from Australia because there will be too much lag.

    Their dedication to aussie servers would have already upped the saled. I know for a fact a lot of people over at have stated this.

    Really suprised with the support this game is getting, seriously loving it!

    Like so many others i cant get the demo to work at all.. "cant connect to EA servers" ive tried so many times..

    Prob like many others i wont buy the game if the demo wont work..

    I want to play .. when will this be fixed?

    I for one held of buying it after hearing the woeful experiences of other users here last night..

    When is the PC version supposed to be out?

    This is farking great news!! I hope everyone buys this game to show some support to Gordon and DICE!!!

    I'm finding no lag on PSN at all !!..... 10/10 gaming experience

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