Aussie Servers For Battlefield 1943 A Possibility, Says DICE

Battlefield 1943 launched last night. Lots of people downloaded it. Too many, in fact. But DICE might have a solution.

Right now, the game has servers running out of the US. Thing is, they're overloaded. So what to do?

DICE producer Gordon Van Dyke posted on the official Battlefield 1943 forum saying:

"Success Opening up a possibility of Australian Servers. Keep your fingers crossed, I'm fighting for it!"

While not exactly a confirmation, it's heartening to hear that the developer is seriously investigating setting up a dedicated Aussie server. If only more games followed suit.

Success Opening up a possibility of Australian Servers [EA Forum, thanks GunSlinger!]


    There was a thread somewhere where people were arguing for local servers and the EA guy was saying hosting was too expensive here... but places like Internode routinely host dozens of game servers that are public for everyone but give their customers the benefit of unmetered gaming. Surely there is someone who would offer to host a server for what is likely to be a popular game?

    I'm going to leave my house and go down to the shops for some fish and chips. By the time I get back I hope I will be able to play the game I just bought.

    I sure hope so as I was really looking out for this one and lag would simply make it completely unenjoyable.

    I blam the Austrlian Government, if they didnt sell of telstra we would all have T5 internet connections now like America and XBL would already have australian severs

      Uh... OK!

    I really hope we do get servers, but as the first comment said, I've also heard hosting is very expensive here.

      EA said they were going to 'evaluate numbers'.
      I hope the overwhelming popularity of the game is a big enough indication that theres enough of us.

    Aussie severs=instant buy from me, i loved 1942 and basically the same thing with better graphics would be awesome.

    While I agree with the aussie hosting vs US hosting prices, with places like iinet doing free XBLA data and 3fl (also iinet run), I have hope!

    Anyone who buy's a game like this without there being Aussie server is a idiot.
    Need i say more.

    Looks like they are adding aussie servers after all

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