We’re Still Waiting For Those Local BF1943 Servers

Back in mid-July, DICE promised that Aussie servers for Battlefield 1943 were coming. The PS3 version has got ’em, but Xbox 360 owners are still waiting.

It seems the Xbox 360 servers are actually up and running right now in Sydney. But some technical glitches with Xbox Live is preventing them from working properly.

As DICE producer Gordon Van Dyke explains on the official forums:

“Our match making system is not connecting players to the servers and this is being worked on as a priority by our Online team. This is not a simple problem, but is a priority for them.

That is all for now and I hope most of you can understand (a lot of you already do) not everything is a simple fix and sometimes for better or worse it takes time to weed out and resolve.”

PS3 owners, have you noticed any improvement in BF1943’s performance since the servers went up? And 360 owners, hang in there, fellas.

Update [official BF1943 forums]

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