We're Still Waiting For Those Local BF1943 Servers

Back in mid-July, DICE promised that Aussie servers for Battlefield 1943 were coming. The PS3 version has got 'em, but Xbox 360 owners are still waiting.

It seems the Xbox 360 servers are actually up and running right now in Sydney. But some technical glitches with Xbox Live is preventing them from working properly.

As DICE producer Gordon Van Dyke explains on the official forums:

"Our match making system is not connecting players to the servers and this is being worked on as a priority by our Online team. This is not a simple problem, but is a priority for them.

That is all for now and I hope most of you can understand (a lot of you already do) not everything is a simple fix and sometimes for better or worse it takes time to weed out and resolve."

PS3 owners, have you noticed any improvement in BF1943's performance since the servers went up? And 360 owners, hang in there, fellas.

Update [official BF1943 forums]


    Wow i thought i was already playing on Aussie servers on 360... I am not getting any lag on any games so far and i wouldn't have known i was playing on a US server until this post was made.

      guys that play on xbox with no lag?
      well your probs connecting to tokyo lag and only sertain people in sertain places in Australia with a proper internet can get a stable connection. i however only have ADSL1 a 25kb/sec speed internet.

    There are no Australian servers!
    When will people stop being believing there are?
    The servers are the cake and it is a lie!

    I (and many others) want them to fix the voice chat issues on the PS3 version.

    I've been playing it on the PS3 since it's come out and I've seen a marked improvement since they got the Australian servers up and running. This is one of the main problems i can see with console shooters in Australia, we often don't get a localized server so lag can be a huge problem.

    By the time they bring us local servers I will probably have moved on to something else with more than 3 maps.

      I'm hoping they will stay there for BF:BC2.

    On the PS3 I can notice a huge difference in lag when I'm dumped in a US/EU server rather than the usual Aussie games.

    The lag in the game is generally good regardless of what server I'm on, but the Aussie servers are definitely a step up. Hopefully the Xbox ones are up and running soon.

    Matt, you'll notice the difference ;)

    good to see theyre making the effort to fix the problem. im happy to wait. they could just as easily say "well its only australia stuff em" and focus their efforts elsewhere

    Sure hope they get these up before we succeed in our class action lawsuit. :) I want my money back.

    PC Gamers haven't even got a damn game to play yet, so you think we care that snotbox players don't have servers yet?

      Get a job.

    Xbox live never worked on a system of dedicated servers.

    360 and no lag. top 5 every time. my name is john wayne by the way.

    I like cake. But i'd prefer local servers.

    On the PS3, when is the Australian Playstation Store going to get the same sort of content compared to the American site. I logged onto the US Store and they have so much more content. We are getting ripped.

    idk what's going on, but they must have done SOMETHING. Cos I've had close to minimal lag for the last few weeks.

    Secondly, not suprised M$ didn't support any dedicated XBL servers in SE-Asia.

    How in the hell did this game even get past QA, did they not check to see that voice comms were working properly? trying to have a game with a friend and be on the same team and squad is pretty much near impossible.. but what do you expect for a 20 dollar game, thats what you get when junior inexperienced programmers.

    This might give you an idea of the lag:


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