Dead Rising Creator Keiji Inafune Hurt Himself

Chalk this up as Japanese developer minutia, but Keiji Inafune, creator of Dead Rising and Onimusha, pulled a muscle in his calf while playing tennis. Recovery will take a month. [Keiji Inafune だぜ!!]


    ................................................................... The train was 5 minutes early this morning.

    Oh sorry, thought this was a game where we just posted completely pointless news.

    My knuckle cracked really badly while playing Minecraft the other day, can I have an article too?

    Seriously US, srsly??

    Quality Brian Ashcraft. We need an official seal or something.

    Are you f****** kidding me. Not only does Ashcraft write like a 8 yr old, what he writes is pointless.

    Category "news". Seriously. I think it's time to find a new gaming site with some quality control.

    Article with a pic and no text. Hit rock bottom and kept going?

    I'll admit, I only clicked this to read the hate comments.

    This is the very reason why i am not a huge fan of the american Kotaku, they report stuff like this, seriously, who cares that this guy hurt himself,

    Next up they will be running a headline saying that the creator of Mario Shi-howeverthehellyouspellhisname took a dump and it kind of looks like Luigi.

      I'll be honest, if there were pictures of the Luigi dump I'd read the article.

    Here's another problem, just for kicks.

    "Creator of Dead Rising"? Really? Not creator of Mega Man?

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