Dine On These Resident Evil Cosplay Photos.

Cosplay superstar Omi Gibson once again amazes the internet with her ability to bring game characters to life. Here, she's Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 2: Apocalypse

There's smoking, a gun, and Omi as well as some fine photography from Omi cohort Taka.

The end result is better than a Jill sandwich!

BIOHAZARD2 Apocalypse [Omi Gibson]


    Hrm... smoking... must be the movie version of Jill...

    Jill never smoked in the games, right? Maybe my memory is crappier than I realize

      and my 'late-in-the-afternoon-ADD' riddled brain fails yet again :-P

      *article states flatly that it's Jill from the second movie*

      aaaaaaand I should just go home...

    She's good, but she's not THAT good.

    It's not hard to make a boob tube and a skirt. I mean seriously, it's not.

    The sixth one is hilarious. The hands look terrible.

    The Gears Chick yesterday was WAYYYY hotter.... holy smokes....

    God damn you Ashcraft... Why aren't I getting paid to post woman dressing up?

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