EA Steps Up Efforts Against Battlefield 3 Cheaters

Battlefield 3 is the first multiplayer shooter I've played regularly for years, but I've been on the cusp of tapping out lately because of all the cheats. Like guys in helicopters who hover at the edge of the map and deal out instant death.

"What, you can't get out of that flying tin can and come and face me like a man?" I scream as I clamber from the burning wreckage of my tank. "FACE ME YOU COWAR-" is all I get out next as instant death strikes my body as quickly as it did my vehicle.


I'm not the only one, obviously, EA promising "Starting today, we will further intensify our efforts to hunt down and rid Battlefield 3 of cheaters. Stats wiping and banning this disruptive minority is the only way they will understand that they are ruining the game for others. We do this for the millions of dedicated players out there who deserve a fair game, every game."

Let's hope it has an effect. I really, really like the game and want my time with it to come to an end on my terms, not because of some moron with an superiority complex wants to break the rules.

Battlefield 3 anti-cheat measures intensify [EA]


    Ah.... How is that cheating? Sounds like you're a sore loser. Just grab a mate and stinger him, or use the guided shell perk on the tank =\

    I hope they do ban ACTUAL cheaters, like the ones who hide in glitches out walls, or use the robot to fly ontop of normally I reachable buildings.

      I absolutely hate that little flying robot s**t. You get snipers who get up on top of buildings and then spawn there. And I can't figure out how one of those robots can kill you by running into you.

        Snipers up there don't last long once I spawn in with a Mortar set-up.

      Sounds like you haven't experienced it DG. Theres a hack where you'll be inside a building and someone in a chopper will be able to kill you instantly...and then kill all your team mates a second later.

      Heck, theres a hack where you get instant killed by the repair tool...while the guy will still be on the aircraft carrier...

      Got to agree with luke here, I love the game but it really ruins the fun and tries the patience when you've only got an hour to play and some bastard wants to ruin it for you.

      Aimbot + attack heli = entire enemy team dead the instant they spawn, I've seen it happen, it makes the game very boring for everyone involved.

    Let's hope the novice players don't consider loading up a vehicle with C4s and blowing up the nearest enemy land vehicle a "cheat".

    I'm not sure using the MAV should be considered cheating. I consider cheating to be people who are one shotting me with repair tools, handguns, etc from across the map. In other words - hacking.

    I've noticed aimbots are getting very common, I stopped playing for a week just because there's never an admin or way to boot them and all EA does is wipe their stats which is like confiscating the batteries from your kid's gameboy.

    Being soft on cheaters is the fastest way to turn your game into a farce. Anyone with a k/d ratio greater than 5.0 and total kill count greater than 1000, ban them. They have the right to appeal of course, but I doubt anyone can achieve those numbers legitimately.

      you needa learn to play. i have lots of friends with K/d's and spm's higher than that. half the noobs that cry about hackers are just terribad players.

    problem is the report system is a bit flawed, since there are players out there who haven't signed up for battlelog, making reporting them impossible.

    Off the top of my head the only instance of cheating on console i've seen since the EOD bot boosting, is the stupid MAV lift to unreachable places, where the worst time was on Tehran Highway, and a person was camping...with a shotgun...with an 8x scope and frag rounds....and managing to kill people with ease.

    Which brings up another thing that needs to be fixed, most of the weapons, i.e. frag round shotguns and the Famas, need to be balanced. Then there is the problem of reapir carrier helicopters tanking and dominating the field with stingers now nerfed.

    As for my mate who plays on pc and recently built a 3k rig, he can barely play it still without it crashing or disconnecting on him, and looking online it's a widespread issue, that still hasn't been fixed.

      Admittadly, the tanking transport chopper is viewed by some as overpowered, but a succesful tank by one is more a result of bad team co-ordination by the opposition than a serious unbalance, a single soflam lock is usually enough to completly obliterate on of these choppers, provided you have engineers with Javelins - and at least you can fly the damn things for more than ten seconds now without getting swatted out of the sky by some guy hiding in a bush with a stinger missile!

      Interms of cheaters, I encountered someone using an M98b sniper rifle to instant kill everyone on the opposing team, at first I thought it was an aimbot, but looking at some of the kills he made (through solid walls, mountains, etc) I suspect it was that repair tool hack mentioned in some of the above comments, retooled for a sniper rifle...

    I can't stand the helicopters who load up with engineers and fly cirles around the spawn and just destroy everyone. It's impossible to kill them, even with a full squad armed with Stingers. They repair far too quickly, and it's almost a set up for stats padding.

    Anyway, that's just my 2 cents. I still love the game, and I can't wait for the stingers to get more power again. It just makes sense, that a stinger should be able to smash a scout chopper.

      How can it be stat padding when repairing a chopper you're in gives you no points.


    I'm sure everybody wishes they'd get more than a slap on the wrist.

    Only recently that I started playing again I encountered cheats where they would insta' kill the whole team before the kick-off timer finished and kill people through solid objects from vast distances regardless of the weapon including the mentioned repair tool and knife. :/

    At the risk of starting a platform war, this is really one of those things that consoles has over PC (among several, but not to say PC doesn't have its strengths too). The only time I have ever seen people legitimately cheating/glitching in an online game on console was at the end of Gears of War 1's online lifecycle. (I don't play Call Of Duty, but I hear the hackers of that, whilst somewhat numerous, get banned constantly.)

    Freedom gives users power and power breeds corruption. Cheaters will always find a way on PC, on console it's much harder and far more conspicuous. If you don't want to play with cheaters; start playing on console. If you don't like that solution, then stop playing games.

    Everyone deserves to get a fair game. Particularly in a game like Battlefield where there are already innumerable variations in the way a game reaches its conclusion.

    I feel sorry for the idiots out there who either simply want to see their name at the top of the leader board, or who are only doing it to ruin it for the rest of us. A damn shame.

    I had a month off while I played Skyrim and am pretty far behind now as far as skills as decent weapons go and map knowledge. The biggest issue with online shooters on PC is differentiating between actual skills and hackers. I played BC2 for far too long and there were OBVIOUS hackers which were overcome by switching servers and then there were really skilled players. People who abuse noob weapons for stat stacking are wankers but seriously who cares? People use glitches or noob tubes all the time and I think developers keep these in place just to keep the fires burning.

    As for playing a shooter on console? hmmm not for me. I guess if you're one of those people who only get '2 mins a week to play a game' then maybe a competitive online shooter isn't the greatest choice for some quality gaming time as you're 100% likely to get your arse whipped by people who play the game for at least 18 hours a day.

    People who are below average in skill in shooters tend to complain the most. Either find the time to practice, or learn the maps and most importantly (especially in hardcore mode) SLOW DOWN AND THINK about what you're doing because you're generally playing against people who are more skilled than you but a sharp mind can bring a skilled player undone and you can achieve that by whining less and practicing.

    Can safely say I've played 50 hours on PC and never seen a hacker...

    It's amazing how powerful teamwork is. The other night I was playing and I was amazed to see support dropping ammo to engineers who firing their javelins at the laser-designated soflam targets.

    Teamwork is OP, needs a nerf!

    My problem with these cheating bastards is the high rankers. There is no way someone can have a level 48 Colonel rank, 3 MONTHS after the game came out. Hell, a mere 3 WEEKS after it came out there was already Colonels running around the maps...IMPOSSIBLE. I did a simple calculation of average high scores, and a gamer would need a high score of nearly 750,000 points an HOUR just to be the top of the leaderboard. That guy on top needs to be banned FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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