Ezio Auditore Vs Ezio Auditore. Who Would Win?

Well, duh. Skip to the 46-second mark to see the Assassin's Creed assassin to take on himself in this latest round of SoulCalibur V gameplay footage.

Besides fighting with himself, Ezio takes on Nightmare, Raphael, Viola, Mitsurugi, and Hilde.

SoulCalibur V, the latest in Namco's Soul series, will be out February 2 in Japan and February 3 in Europe. North America gets the game first — it will be out there January 31.

Soulcalibur V - Ezio versus Ezio and more [YouTube]


    I don't... understand... Is this worthy of a mention?

      I was really interested in what Ezio gameplay looked like. So yes, yes it was.

      Looks like Kotaku staff still can't win, even when they release a story that has something to do with video games

    Wow, it was Ezio vs Ezio and I put $25 on Ezio and I still lost 0_O

      Hah, I put $25 on Ezio and won!

    Someone has been messing with the Animus!

    Damn. There is just something about Soul Calibur that doesn't stand up with Tekken or Street Fighter, but I don't know what

    Damn it Ezio, stop putting away your knife after you hit.

    Can someone explain to my why Ezio is such a sales point for this game? Lame character from a lame game series just randomly appearing out of nowhere. Not as bad as star wars characters but still, I'm tired of his face being pushed down my throat as if Soul Calibur has nothing else going for it other then some cheap novelty.

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