First Image Of The PS3 Doctor Who Game

With Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock, the long running British sci-fi series is coming to the PlayStation 3 later this year.

The Doctor Who Facebook page released this screenshot for you to peruse. So do that. Peruse.

As the UK summarised, "Take control of the Timelord and his feisty companion River Song on a journey through space and time where your actions in one era can influence events in another..."

The game is being developed by SuperMassive Games and will be out later this year on the PS3, PS Vita and PC.

Doctor Who [Facebook]


    So the game is resolved by magic in the third act. Deus ex Moffatt?

      I thought this was the cannonical way to end every doctor who plot line?
      *shudder* @ Moffat.

        The only good thing about this game (probably) will be the ability to kill Riversong. They shoukd also make a generic corridor dlc pack for classic who fans.

          That, good sir, is a brilliant idea!

            I commented about the game once via their official twitter page and they said they're open to feedback. You can all post your views about the game here:

      I know! We'll get the entire earth to say "Doctor" at the same time!

      RTD was arguably far worse when it came to rabbit-out-of-a-hat third acts.

        I know. RTD was bad but Season 6 was... tragic. Moffatt wrote some amazing scripts but I reckon in his new role - he has let some super crap thru. Every story bar Gaimans had Deus ex Moffatt. But back to the game..... I DEMAND a Dr Who game that is GOOD - doesnt even have to be GTY material - just 1 game that doesn't make me cringe.

    I hope that's not the PS3 version; because the texture work and model detail are fabulous.

    But yeah, it'll be shit.

    Looks pretty average... for a PS2 game. I know some people don't care about optimisation or graphics but I'm pretty sure there is a certain benchmark all PS3 games should at least live up to.

    Wow, the Tardis looks so... drab and boring.

    Why not have a Time lord game were you can only die 13 times, after that you have to start again from the begining???

    The only people who can properly adapt a TV series into a game is TellTale Games. That and the point-and-click adventure genre would suit Doctor Who to a T.

    "and his feisty companion River Song" oh god did I just spoil the new season for myself?!?!!!

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