There’s A Doctor Who VR Game This September

If Iron Man can be brought to life through PSVR, then the Doctor can too.

The BBC announced early Tuesday that Maze Theory–which is also producing a VR game based on the Peaky Blinders TV show–is making a VR spin-off of Doctor Who, titled The Edge of Time. Voiced by Jodie Whittaker herself, the game will be largely puzzle-based, with the player searching for time crystals to repair the fabric of space and time.

It’ll be released on the Vive Cosmos, regular Vive, Rift and PSVR this September. Daleks and Weeping Angels will both feature, as seen in the short trailer below.

There’s no word on precisely how long the game will be, but the BBC are stressing that it’s a “cinematic, feature-length” game. Which would mean anything from two to four hours. Either way, we’ll know more come September.


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