From Metroid's Power Suit To A Pink Nurse Outfit, She's Got You Covered

Meet MissNatsume. The Costa Rican cosplayer is at ease covered both in Samus' Power Suit or dressed up cute, like a real life Kirby.

Now nearly 20 years old, MissNatsume tells Kotaku that she first started cosplaying at 13, and she began to take the form seriously at 17.

Characters she's cosplayed included Samus Aran, Kos-Mos and more. Her favourite characters are Naked Snake, Raiden and Glados, among many, many more.

If you like her work, check out MissNatsume's DeviantArt page below.

MissNatsume [DeviantArt]


    I wonder if Ashcraft would ever do a feature on a guy that does a lot of cosplay.

    Is it just me or does this article read like an introduction service?

    not Kipi not good.

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