Samus, You're All Legs And Shiny Plastic

First shown at last month's Comiket, this Metroid: Other M statue features heroine Samus in her Zero Suit. Here's a better look, because this figure deserves one.

The 1/8 scale PVC statue is expected to go on sale this June in Japan. Pricing will be announced at a later date.

There was also another Samus statue on display at Comiket. It showed the character in her Power Suit. It will be out this spring in Japan. Likewise, pricing is TBA.

Metroid: Other M was released in 2010 for the Nintendo Wii. Read the Kotaku review here.

sexyなースーツ姿 マックスファクトリー「METROID Other M サムス・アラン」の彩色サンプル【コミケ81】 []">マックスファクトリー「figma METROID Other M サムス・アラン」の彩色サンプル【コミケ81】 []


    I'd kill for a Metroid Prime Samus Statue, not a fan of the current Samus look, it's not awful but... meh

    Bashcraft, you're life is all kleenex and vaseline.

      I like that her absurdly proportioned anatomy wouldn't fit inside the statue of the suit...

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