Metroid’s Samus Aran Weighs In On Mother Brain’s Ban On Gay Marriage

Metroid’s Samus Aran Weighs In On Mother Brain’s Ban On Gay Marriage

Remember how it blew your mind when you found out that the character you’d been jumping and shooting with in the first Metroid was a woman? Well, it turns out she was hiding a lot more than long, flowing locks under that Varia Suit armour.

In a revelation that destroys 73 per cent of the fan-fiction written about her, Nintendo’s leading heroine has come out of the closet as a lesbian. In a personal essay written for McSweeney’s, Samus talks about how the lonely nature of her bounty hunter work let her keep quiet for years:

I would flit between one relationship and another, hopping inside my gunship and speeding off to the next planet before things got too serious. Then the Mother Brain decided to outlaw same-sex marriage on planet SR-388. Planets Tallon IV, Aether and my birth planet K-2L followed suit. What year are we living in? Earth Year 2009? It’s time for the universe to redefine its narrow concept of marriage.

As many times as she’s saved the galaxy, Samus wasn’t allowed to share a clandestine lover’s last moments after a tragic Metroid attack:

I rushed her to the infirmary, where nurses and doctors attempted to freeze the Metroid with an ice beam and fire missiles at it five times. At least that’s what they told me. I wasn’t allowed to see her. Moments later I was informed she was dead. Can an argument be made against this basic human privilege? I’ll never see my partner again-the Metroid guaranteed that-but the hospital was just as guilty.

Remember how, erm, clunky it was when Nintendo and dev studio Team Ninja tried to add depth to Samus Aran’s backstory in Metroid: Other M? The controversial characterisations and the stilted dialogue all make a weird sort of sense now. Can you say cover-up, boys and girls?

Could Samus’ fictional sexual preference be the reason that she hasn’t has the kind of splashy 25th anniversary celebrations that Mario and Link have gotten? No art books or concert tours for poor Samus. Hell, even the Metroid Prime Trilogy has been out-of-print for years. Nintendo should honour this brave soul and give her the hero’s recognition she deserves.



  • NO.

    I’m sorry but Samus is not a lesbian. Your agenda ends where my video games begin. Are you going to write about the homoerotic undertones of Mario and Luigi next?

    • Take a chill pill sweet buns, Im sure this is all just one big fan fic. Theres no chance of you catching “The Gay” when you play Metroid. Now go back to your agenderless 100% hetero household and sleep tight knowing that gay people will not be spoiling your video games today.

  • Never heard of McSweeneys and it honestly it simply homosexual fan fiction. Nothing wrong with that, but I don’t think its true since there isn’t anything else to support that claim.

    That being said, i too am wondering why there isn’t a Metroid celebration.

  • It says a lot about the readership on this website that these comments are all, “LOL WTF is McSweenys?”

    It’s a literary journal, or what not. Geez, you plebs. Also, that does lead me to think it’s ‘fan-fiction’. In a sense that someone has chosen to use Metroid as a platform to frame criticism on the anti-gay lobby. I doubt Nintendo would be so ballsy.

    • They do have a transgender character in one of their games from the same period so it wouldn’t be something Nintendo wouldn’t do. That being said I think there is no evidence for or against Samus being gay as being a literal translation of Metroid.

  • I think because it’s easier for them to celebrate Zelda and Mario – they aren’t as violent. Metroid features a girl and a gun, and it isn’t as wide appealing, even though the games are stellar. But I think that Nintendo could have at the very least reprinted the Metroid Prime Trilogy, maybe even thrown in Metroid: Other M as a bonus for the first 100k or so people. Im glad I got mine while I did, but yeah, she doesn’t get the respect she deserves. Seems like this kind of fan fiction is just a reminder to tell people that she’s still around. They haven’t said anything about any new titles, have they?

  • Fanfiction is a legitimate source of news since the Fanfiction Is A Legitimate Source Of News Act was passed back in ’09. Lousy Democrats.

  • Just seems kinda dumb to me. But I guess I’m not a fan-fiction kind of person to begin with.

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