Mario Trades His Pistol For Fireballs In Updated 'Real Life Super Mario Bros'

Filmmaker Andrew McMurry has posted this updated version of his last "Real Life Super Mario Bros". In the last version, Mario, played by McMurry's brother, find himself up against a group of famous Mario enemies, eventually getting a "power-up" handgun and blowing away a bunch of poor defenceless Goombas.

That was a funny joke! This time around, the video plays things a bit closer to canon (so to speak), with a host of updated baddies and some great fire-effects. McMurry told Kotaku that it only took a couple of hours to shoot the thing, followed by about a week of editing and special-effect building. Impressive!

Fun fact: The placeholders for the 3D objects were originally doghouses.

McMurry has also made some fun 'real-life' versions of other games, including Metal Slug, Bulletstorm, Modern Warfare, and Minecraft, which I especially enjoyed.


    Kotaku your title needs a quick fix... swap fireflower and hand gun

    Was 1/2 expecting to see a 'mushroom' appear somewhere

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