Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer Turns You Into Sheperd's Kick-Arse Strike Team

It was kind of surprising that Mass Effect 3's multiplayer looked better than expected. But this trailer makes it look like must-play content.

You'll see the various races of BioWare's sci-fi universe playing through skirmishes as several classes, with missions that appear to happen all over the galaxy.


    "this trailer makes it look like must-play content."

    And yet this is precisely what I don't want it to look like :-P

    oh well, as long as Element Zero doesn't turn out to be Midichlorians I should be able to enjoy the singleplayer just fine.

    quick tip, when the vid gets blocked on the Aus site, change to the USA site and find the article there. Works most of the time.

    Question. Do you think the shepard that talks to your multiplayer character will be your 'unique' single player Shepard? Hope so.

    Also, I love that Overlord DLC music.

      Part of me suspects they were just reusing a line from the single-player to make it look as though Shep was talking to the multiplayer characters.

      A similar rallying scene exists in the campaign script.

      (Of course, I don't know for certain and it's possible Shep really does talk to the special forces in a scene in the singleplayer.)

    Michael Bay get his hands on this trailer?

    Did that Omni-tool turn into a sword?

      Yeah it's the Omni-blade. It's shepards new heavy melee option.

    I hope its kinda like spec ops from cod mw2 and it's not all just horde style missions.

    Well I got goose bumps from this...and that hasn't happened since a Halo trailer. The music in Halo always gets me...but this is definitely more because its MASS EFFECT 3 bitches! Cant wait!

    Loved that trailer... Makes me feel good that i was always willing to give MP a chance.

    Also - Have noticed that they have not once used any ME3 music in their trailers... COME ON I WANT TO HEAR MORE CLINT!

    Hopefully you will have to unlock multiplayer missions as you proceed through the single player story, rather than all of them being unlocked from the start.

    " But this trailer makes it look like must-play content."


    This better not be the case. I want to play the game through without having to hear stupid whining kids screaming down microphones the whole time.

      He meant because it looked fun. They've said before that you can get the full experience of single-player without touching multi-player.

    Awww... no Volus/Elcor/Hanar characters. That would've made my day

      Elcor tower defense

        ^^ This

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