Microsoft On Foxconn: We're Committed To The Fair Treatment And Safety Of Workers

An earlier piece on the mass suicide threat at the Foxconn electronics manufacturing factory reported how 300 people there nearly jumped off a building in a labour dispute. Microsoft's responded to the situation and you can see the full comment by going back to the original story.


    It's a cold day here, so i just dropped by to warm myself in front of the hot air radiating from their spin machine...ahhhhh...cosy!

    Meh. The workers are obviously well aware of the negative publicity that Microsoft and Apple have drawn following previous suicides at the factory. As such I expect this 'mass suicide' threat is merely an attempt by the workers to leverage Microsofts (and Apples) desires to avoid further incidents.

    I hope the workers get the better conditions etc they're seeking, but I seriously doubt they would commit a mass suicide for the sake of their cause.

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