Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus Gets Motion And Touch Controls On The PlayStation Vita

Sony's official rundown of titles had Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus as a launch window game for PlayStation Vita but Tecmo Koei's announced today that the action title will be available on the same day as the new handheld.

And Ryu Hayabusa's notoriously difficult PS3 game will be getting a bit of makeover when Tecmo Koei ports it over to the twin-stick portable. The Vita's gyroscopic sensors will let players tilt to aim shurikens and you'll also be able to use the rear touch panel to launch the game's Ninpo magic attacks.

Sigma Plus expands on the 2007 release's content, too, by adding Ninja Trials which will feature smaller goal-oriented challenges like clearing a level using only throwing projectiles. If you're wanting a really freaking hard game to keep your hands busy when the Vita hits, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus will be your poison.


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