The Vita Scores Our First Handheld R18+ Game

Unlike the last Ninja Gaiden R18+ classification, which went to the family-friendly Nintendo Wii U, this one goes to Sony. The PlayStation Vita will host our first handheld R18+ game, which has been awarded to Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus — the twice-altered slice 'n dice action game from Team Ninja.

While the original version of this game intended for Australia — Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 — had gore taken out of it, instead having enemies dissolve into purple mist, the Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus version has added the gore back in. There will be blood, and when you dismember enemies, the members will stay on the ground like they damn well should.

The Ninja Gaiden games are for hardcore, fast-paced action fans. Expect to see Sigma 2 Plus on shelves sometime in the first quarter of the year.


    ACB has a twitter? or is that just some random person?

      It's a bot that posts updates from the ACB database. It's reliable.

    When talking of the Vita & boobs, I always think of this (possibly NSFW):

    Hmm, that's, what...3 R18+ games within a couple of weeks?

      So much for not seeing a flood of R18+ games...
      Seriously, I think most of these games probably would have been crowbarred into MA 15+ and in that instance this is a good thing, because they don't really belong there.
      Apart form MK9 and L4D, I'm hoping they bring the Syndicate remake over here.

        Yeah that's the salient point I guess. Now we'll actually see just how many of these games that were previously shoehorned into the MA category are put into the new R category.

        It either highlights just how inadequate our previous rating system was, or is demonstrating that R is the "new" MA. I hope it's not the latter.

          Me too, White.
          I think the biggest story now will be the first game to be refused classification.

    So the original NG2 which has way more blood and gore got through on an m15+, but the new version with almost all the blood and gore cut from it gets an R18? I'm glad we have an R18 system, but the classification board is clearly off its meds.

      I think you have it the wrong way round. The cut version with NO blood and disappearing bodies is the one that made it to MA15+. The current resubmitted version for the Vita has the blood reinstated and the bodies on the ground.

    Umm did you actually read the article? It says that the gore was added back in. Its called Sigma 2: Plus.

    Re-read it. It clearly states this.The original NG2 was definitely a game that should have been R18+. Plus the MA rating has been overhauled to be more strict. All the R rated games so far should be imo.

      You clearly haven't seen the trailer for the Vita version. There's almost no blood in it. The original NG2 (not the lame sigma version) was a complete bloodfest, yet it got through on an MA rating. Try being less smug next time.

      And yes I note that the MA is more strict now, but why? Why is it different now?

        The trailer doesn't show the entire picture. For the ACB, you need to submit a section of game for them to analyse. So they actually got to see someone play/technical demo and that's that. Besides, the trailer was dumbed down so that it'll be easier to be seen on all channels.

    As with any new legal framework, the authority is going to build up a jurisprudence of sorts - kind of guidelines within the guidelines as to what constitutes an R. It's nothing to be alarmed about that the ACB is using the full gamut of the ratings system - that's exactly what's meant to happen! Over time we'll probably see things soften somewhat (it happens with all media) but for now, it's good that the ACB are saying 'these are the ratings we've got, these are the games that fit into that top tier', rather than just 'this game was an MA, so this game will be too'.

    Is it sad that when i first saw this article and the picture my first thought was: oh god, they went overboard with the amount of 'swimsuits' and 'touch features' in Dead or Alive 5+ didn't they...

    DoA 5+ will most likely get an R18+ rating anyway...

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