Oh My God, I Want One Of These Mario 3DS Handhelds

Like the DS before it, the 3DS is intent on being released in colours either fashionable or friendly to the masses. Except, that is, for these amazing (and official!) 3DS handhelds that come sporting the livery of the Mushroom Kingdom's biggest stars.

There are 150 of them, three of each design, and they're being given away as part of a competition being held over on Nintendo of Australia's website.

Why Nintendo makes these for competitions and not the general public I don't know. I do know, however, that I will kill a man for that Toad one.


    Really? A new colour on a handheld machine is cause for this hyperbole?

    Hang on, Nintendo of Australia's website. You mean we have a chance at winning something we see in one of these articles for once? That *is* worth getting excited about.

    Well, except that the link is to an NOE site for Kid Icarus and I'm too lazy to go search Nintendo's Australian site for the actual comp... they'll email me with the details eventually (or somebody else will post them here)

      That actually is Nintendo Australias site linked. Because it goes through Club Nintendo Australia, which is hosted by NOE rather then on the Australian site.

        You have to register certain games (which people probably /already have/) in a certain period to be eligible. I feel ripped off :P

          ^ this

            i just checked my club nintendo account and i have a link telling me i'm eligable for the kid icarus game! also, the 3ds'
            I had registered eligable games quite a while ago.

            Thanks Nintendo!

        Scroll down. It's at the bottom, kind of a rip-off though, you have to have a 3ds.

    My codes from my games are all UK version which don't seem to work on the Australian site (although Pilotwings did for someme reason, but Mario and Zelda never did)

      This promotion has been going on for a while in the UK. Before it was announced for Australia I just created a new Club Nintendo UK account and used my UK codes. Then they sent me an email with the Kid Icarus code. Easy peasy :D

    Looks like the games you have to register are all 3DS games.. so you have to either already own a 3DS, or buy a bunch of games in the hopes that you'll win something to play them on..

    Luckily people who got eligible games for Christmas are safe since the start date for this competition is November 1, 2011.

    I thought it was Jan 1, 2012 and felt ripped off...but then I read the rules ;>_>

    I have mario kart 7 and mario 3d land registered but i dont see the banner anywhere :(

    Wait, so I already have to own a 3DS to be able to enter this, lol what a fail competition.

      Exactly.. why do I need to own a 3DS to win a 3DS?

    So um... when is there going to be a Kotaku Core.AU?

    Ugly consoles are ugly. Also you need to have already had a 3DS in the first place to enter.

    Anyone else not able to login to Club Australia?

    I'd prefer the metal gear solid snake skin 3ds.

    typo with the numbers. just saying.

    well, i think.

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