Release Dates, Prices For Alan Wake And The Rest Of The Xbox House Party

The Xbox 360 "House Party" of new downloadable games is official: Warp ($US10, February 15), Alan Wake's American Nightmare ($US15, February 22), Nexuiz ($US10, February 29) and I Am Alive ($US15, March 7). You get $US10 in Xbox Points if you buy them all.


    S'all well and good, but we live in fucking australia. Not America. Can we get some sort of note or something about if this applies to us, and if not when we get them?

      In the past these little summer/winter sales have always applied to us. Sometimes the release is on thursday - nightish rather than the wed of the week though. There will generally be a little promotion thing closer to the date on the actual dashboard saying you will get so many points if you buy them all etc.

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