Alan Wake's American Nightmare Takes A Trip To The Desert In These New Screens

You won't be seeing much in the way of trees in the upcoming Alan Wake game. Where Remedy's first outing with the writer-turned-hero took place in the creepy forests of the Pacific Northwest, American Nightmare puts players in a haunted desert. New weapons — including what looks like a nail gun — and new enemies shop up in these shots.

Some of the giant-sized antagonists, like those spiders, show signs of being irradiated or it might just be more nightmares-made-real weirdness breaking through to the real world.

There's also a developer diary where folks from Remedy talk about how American Nightmare will have more of a grindhouse action feel and what's gone into making this Xbox Live follow-up to their critically acclaimed title. Flashlights will power up again when Alan Wake's American Nightmare hits on February 22.


    All I have to say is, Why spiders?

      The Darkness can corrupt small creatures. Remember the birds from the first game?

        yes but crows are notoriously evil/associated with being evil so it makes sense. Giant spiders feels like Alan Wake and the chamber of secrets edition.

    The desert doesn't look as scary as those eerie forrest's from the first game.

    "American Nightmare will have more of a grindhouse action feel"

    I'm not liking the sound of that. It makes me think it will be like House of the Dead Overkill

    Meh, I hope it will take a totally different direction to the last game. IMO Stephen King style "scary" is just lame. Sure it was a fun, polished, beautiful looking game, but it was lacking what makes many other games scary - the atmosphere of dread. And lets not deny it, the game could have used some gore and body horror. It disappointed me because I wanted to like it so badly, but it reminded me too much of those bad Stephen King TV movies.

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