Remember This? [Update]

Apparently I've been going too easy on you guys with Remember This. Even Kotaku ex-Editor David Wildgoose messaged me to tell me yesterday's was the easiest ever! Today, with the help of Chuloopa (who made this suggestion) I take my revenge!

As always, I'll update this later if you guys are struggling.


    Fifa '95?

    Roller Coaster Tycoon

    Roller Coaster Tycoon...........2

    Jungle Strike

      lol we both said it at the same time

    Jungle strike

      Once again: props for mentioning it :D

      Where is my 16bit strike collection/strike HD dammit?!!!!

      Also: Renegad Ops, the closest you can get now and AWESOME.

    Fifa 98?

    At first I thought it was a soccer game, because they always have the striped grass like that. But then I noticed the light stripe on the right isn't a stripe at all, it looks more like part of an octagon or something. Hrm.

      I see it as the dark green represents an incline

    mass effect 3?

      Mass Effect 3? hmm, well games on older concoles were better, like sonic and leemings so maybe they went 2d style

    It does look an awful lot like one of the strike games, im going to take a wild guess at urban strike

    Warcraft 2

    Sensible Soccer?

      I would have play the Fifa series hundreds of times more, but Sensible Soccer seems to always be the first Soccer Game I think of when I see a striped field.

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