Remember This?

Do you remember the game from this fragment of a screenshot? Leave your answer in the comments! Today's Remember This comes from Kotaku reader Mark (not Serrels, another Mark!). Let's see if he can stump the community in the way that I have failed to as of late.


    Alex Kidd in Miracle World

      This was going to be my guess. I think this is what you get when you use the invisibility cloak and the flying cane at the same time.

    Citizen Kane

        "Wait a minute..."

          There was no cane in Citizen Kane!

    The Adventures of Walky the Walking Stick

    The new adventures of Candy Cane: Search for the missing stripes.

    enough said

    Ally Cat?>

    It's a symbol off the code wheel from Pools of Radiance!

    Could be way off and this is annoying the shit out of me but for some reason im thinking Duke 3D?

      I mean that I know I have seen this before and I know that ill kick myself when it is revealed

    Wheres wally midnight edition?

    The Kingdom of Kroz!!

    Whoa! The Nostalgia!

      It looks like a Whip you can pick up.
      I looked up the games, and there are like 7 versions/Episodes of in the Kroz series and Super Kroz...

      But what I'm saying is, this looks like a whip you can pick up off the black dungeon floor in any of those games, that all use the same GUI and engine!

        I believe you are correct good sir. Cant find a decent size screen shot of it tho ~LOL~

      It is indeed Kingdom of Kroz!

      Man, good call. Here is the screenshot:

      I totally zoomed right in on that little cane thing. :D

      Well done! And a big thanks to Mark for suggesting this game!

        Oh Boy, I remember that level! This game was *difficult*, and funnily enough I think some of the shareware levels were from the later more difficult parts of the game, instead of the milder first levels, as per normal shareware.

        I never thought I would get a "Remember This", Yay!!! Thanks Mark, Chris and Tracy!

          My hat is off to you for getting this. Glad I'm not the only one who had played it.

            It was a great game, and a great suggestion. I think it must be about 15 years since I've even seen this game; on our old IBM Compatible. 16 MHtz processor, but she went to 32MHtz when you hit the Turbo button! It also made all the games too fast to play.

            Kroz was part of this suite of shareware games we had, it included such gems as Jungle Jill, World Domination, Wolf3D, Commander Keen, Duke Nukem... I managed to finish everything except Wolfenstein: me and my brother had to get our dad to come and sit with us when we played, because we were secretly scared when playing. Cut us some slack: we were 5-6 years old! :D

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