Resident Evil 3 Vs Resident Evil 4: Separating Survival Horror From Survival Action

Not all horror video games are created equally. Some focus on creating an atmosphere of isolation and vulnerability. Others rely on shock to frighten the player, while making sure there's enough firepower laying around to shoot horror right in the face. Confused? Perhaps this handy graphic will help.

It's the difference between Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil 4, or Ridley Scott's Alien and its action-packed sequel, Aliens. For many it's an incredibly subtle distinction, while for other's it's the difference between wet and dry pants. If you're having trouble telling one from another you're a more stalwart person than I, and you could probably benefit from this handy chart that's making the Reddit rounds.

[via Reddit]


    I personally find it interesting that many of my favourite games ever are on this image (on both sides). More horror, please.

    Sweet, I just got a copy of Dino Crisis free off a friend for ps1 last week. Gonna have to check it out today

    OMG! D! I have that on PS1, pretty crap but oh the memories! ... yeah takes about 2-3 hrs to finish over 3 disc's but you wouldn't want to play it any longer than that ;-P

    And also 'The Thing!... awesome, well the movie was anyway. Game was ok I suppose.

    yay overblood

    I think the most important thing that can be taken from this is that these are two different styles.

    Different. Not superior/inferior. Different. I'm getting kind of sick of RE fans saying 5 was a "shit game" because it was different to what they wanted.

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