Resident Evil 6 Is Capcom's Biggest Production

Resident EVil 6 will be Capcom's biggest production to date, with more than 600 people involved in the game's development, including 150 from Capcom HQ in Japan.

Prior to this announcement, it was believed that Capcom's open world game that was announced last year, Dragon's Dogma, was Capcom's biggest production.

Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi said that the forthcoming Resident Evil game "not only has a larger world and deeper experience than you have played before but we are excited to say it is a blend of action and survival horror — something we like to call 'dramatic horror'."

It's a bit difficult to imagine how 600 people could work together on one game... that's like trying to coordinate an entire high school to spend however many years on a single, unified project. The word "nightmarish" certainly comes to mind. We wonder how many people were entrusted with working on the logo...

The game is due in November for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


    Looks great! Voice acting seems better too.

    600 people working together is easy with proper management. How do you think Microsoft runs with thousands of people?

    Also giraffe.

    Should be epic.

    It is confirmed now that a horny mutated giraffe is actually a boss in the game. Watch out for his killer choker move.

    yay! resident evil 6 trailer!!!! oh... its some guy talking.... OH! its gonna start yaaay!!! oh... some other guys talking....

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