Sega Responds To SOPA Question Like A Heartless Robot, Apologises Like Funny Human

A reader of site HotBloodedGaming decided to email Sega and ask what the company's stance on the Stop Online Piracy Act was. Sega was nice enough to reply. Well, as nice as an automatic mailing system that's completely useless is capable of being, anyway.

User DanGlozier66's email was a relatively simple one, laying out what he felt was wrong with SOPA and explaining why it would suck if Sega supported the bill.

His reply looked like this:

Generally these issues are caused by bad installs or junk data that's stuck in the system's memory. The first suggestion would be to perform a hard reset on the device. It's best to attempt this any time you experience performance problems with your device or have an app crash. If that doesn't work, it's suggested you uninstall the app, perform a hard reset, reinstall and then perform one more hard reset before launching the game.

If you're problems continue, please let us know.

Um. OK.

While DanGlozier66 flips out, I've got a little sympathy for the Sega employee that obviously copy-pasted the wrong template response, as in a former job I seemed to spend entire days doing the same.

To make up for the heartless response, Sega of America put together this cute little video.

SEGA's Reply To Concerned Gamer Over SOPA Is Complete Garbage [HBG]




      oooo... cap-achino

      I can see this being the next annoying "arrow to the knee" meme

        Much like arrow to the knee, it has potential to be a good meme - lets just hope it doesn't get over used by the bored masses.

        Yeah, I don't have much hope either.

          "Arrow to the knee" used to be funny, then it took an arro..sorry.

            Have you tried performing a hard reset?

      I just have this mental image of him listening to Nickelback, doing a hard-reset, and listening to Nickelback again thinking 'Yep, it still sucks' :D

    "Yes. Seven times"

    I lost it there.

    And yet, they still didn't' clarity their stance on the SOPA.

    That's actually really cool. I'm sure someone will take it as a "U R MOCKIN USSSS!!" insult, but me, I think it's a really nice way of apologising. More personal, I suppose. It's more gamer, at least.

    Probably shouldn't hard reset the baby though. That's not something you want to un-accidentally.

    You fools! SEGA were clearly giving us the solution to SOPA.

    On the day that SOPA comes in, we need to perform a hard reset of the internet to clear SOPA out of the system.

    SEGA. Pure geniuses.

    Haha, love it how a company has a bit of a laugh at themselves and apologizes for something they've done people still jump on them for not fixing everything ever.

    Ah the foibles of automated word/phrase recognition response systems.

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