Skyrim Valentines Day Cards

This Valentines Day, let that special someone in your life show them how much you really care, by giving them a card that actually shows they'll always be #2 behind The Elder Scrolls series.

Jemma Salume is the artist behind these adorable cards, which while dabbling in established memes, also go the other way and ignore the Jarls and heroes of Skyrim in favour of...Belethor.

You can see more of Jemma's amazing art at her DeviantArt page.

eatfun's deviantART gallery [DeviantArt]


    Something tells me the junk/treasure one won't get anyone laid.

      yeah.. that was the first thing i thought too.. many a fool is going to get slapped sooo hard on valentines day now

        "Your junk is my treasure..."
        "I'm about to kick you in your jewels."

          I disagree.

          Its one of those cards you give to your SO when you're known for that kind of humor.

          I am known for that kind of humor.

          Anyone else picture that crazy, screaming guy in Whiterun when they read that last card?

    No carry my burden's card?

      I'll swear to carry your boobies... err, burdens.

    on a side note I have been reading the game of thrones novels ( song of fire and ice saga to be correct ) has anyone noticed how much skyrim borrowed from it. in the books there are giants who herd mamoths, there is a group of warriors in the books called the Companions, Denerys is referd to as somthing similar to dragonborne, the flags that adorn storm born and the legon's castles in skyrim are similar to the animal sigils that the starks and other houses use in game of thrones. There are many more little touches in skyrim that seem to be directly taken or inspired by game of thrones

      More likely song of ice and fire and skyrim take inspiration from medieval culture and mythos. 1) Brave Companions not companions and they have an ill reputation, also not wolf friendly. And I am pretty sure I read about the Companions in Morrowind (the original 500) and there is the mythos of Odin and his companions. The septim dynasty were always called dragonborn from TES:Arena (1996) and there is a dragonborn race in D&D. The animal signs were used around medieval europe (and before - House Brutus of Rome - wolf etc.) as banners, sigils and coat of arms. The similarieties you described are direct inspiration by history nothing more.

      I've also read the books, but if you ever get deeper in the genre you'll notice that everyone borrows from everyone - I've seen worse :) Check out Robert Jordan

    Hey girlfriend/boyfriend, remember that game I neglected you to play? Here's a cute little reference to it in a card! Remember? Remember that one time i didnt go out with you because i was too busy playing it?
    NOW, to the business of us rubbing our genitals together.


      "Rubbing our genitals toge-"

      Dude, slow down, I can't write fast enough to record this gold.

    I have a curved sword, CURVED sword ;)

    I can't believe no-one has singled out the "arrow in the heart" card for the GOLD that it is. I know the "arrow in the knee" joke is old now, but I laughed so hard at this that I snorted.

      I had you pegged for a snorter the first time you hit me with that arrow.

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