Street Fighter X Tekken Spawns The World's First Fighting Game-Centric Reality Show

Not content with merely streaming live matches leading up to the March release of the Street Fighter X Tekken fighting game crossover, Capcom has teamed with iPlayWinner and Team Spooky to create Cross Assault, a live week-long $US25,000 tournament masquerading as an internet reality show.

Cross Assault will see two fighting game veterans attempting to coach two groups of five players — Team Street Fighter and Team Tekken — to ultimate victory and $US25,000 in prize money. Over the course of a week in late February Capcom will live broadcast team challenges, practice sessions, elimination matches and candid interviews with the players on both teams, giving us a window into the world of competitive gaming.

And Cross Assault could give you more than a window. Capcom is currently looking for players to round out both teams. All you have to do is create a video blog explaining why you'd be a good fit on the show. They're looking for fighting game players with strong personalities, so good luck with that.

Oh come on, I'm just kidding. There are plenty of those out there.

The whole shebang culminates in the finals, which will take place live on stage at the Final Round in Atlanta, so who knows? Maybe you'll even get to meet me. That's better than $US25,000 any day (except existing ones).

Hit up the link below for more info on the event and how you can participate in fighting game history.

Announcing the SFxT "Cross Assault" reality show [Capcom]


    If it was done as a sort of documentary this would be awesome, the emphasis on making it like reality TV.... not so much.

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