Take A Look At The Guns And Gear That You’ll Get For Pre-Ordering Mass Effect 3

Back when Mass Effect 2 was a single-player only experience, fancy armour and special weapons didn't count for very much. Sure, they helped you in the game's campaign mode but that was a finite, non-competitive experience.

But, now that co-op multiplayer's coming to BioWare's sci-fi threequel, the usual slate of pre-order bonuses may give you an actual advantage. The M55 doles out rapid-fire bursts of pain to enemies and is available for pre-order from all retailers. Exclusive to Gamestop are the stat-buffing N7 Defender armour and the high-caliber N7 Valkyrie (both of which also come with the collector's edition). PC gamers get their own pre-order exclusive AT12 Raider shotgun, if they plunk down cash in advance on EA's Origin digital distribution service.

You and your buddies will get the chance to take down the Reaper's invasion of Earth when Mass Effect 3 hits on March 6th.


    Fucking EA and their Pre-order bullshit. Fucking EA and their multi-player bullshit. Just let me buy the game on Steam, and let me play the ENTIRE game single player.

      Oh look, it's bullshit man.

      But yeah, bullshit. Don't really like this sort of crap at all.

      this a million timeas this i had a friend that saidn "you know what would be cool skyrim multiplayer" nw befre i heard that i never knew what it meant to have to restrain yourself from punching someone but now i do

      Agreed. I fucking hate preorder bullshit, and there's no way I'll play to it after being burnt by DA2.

        i fell into that trap too dragon age 2 bioware signiture edition sitting on my desk why would anyone want thier signiture on that peice of crap

    Had this preordered (the CE edition) for the last 5 or so months, i just want to play it, hurry up March ....

    i just noticed from that last puicture that liara is only waering the mouth nose mask like miranda and co from mass effect 2 now funny story playing mass effect 2 there is a side mission where you go down to a planet with an almost pure chlorine atmosphere and id always take miranda and jack simply because they have no eye protection and it bleach thier hair white ... bioware logic

      Yeah didn't Bioware promise to fix that in Mass Effect 3. And by fix I mean give full helmet protection / fully sealed environmental battle suits to characters on worlds with poisonous atmospheres? Really breaks suspension of disbelief when stuff like that happens.

        They did say they'd consider it (and I'd prefer it if they had full helmets, if only because it makes more sense to cover the head in combat), but due to a lot of reasons they decided to go with facemasks instead.

        Most of those reasons have to do with animation (it's expensive to have facial expressions on ME2/ME3's level, and if nobody saw them it'd be a waste of money) and story: they want us to be able to see the characters' faces in a lot of scenes.

        So it's not like they're deliberately trying to break lore or screw with suspension of disbelief: it's a deliberate decision to make things a bit unrealistic so they can do fancy things with character faces.

    Where's the cheapest place to pre-order the N7 edition? Ozgameshop and Zavvi don't have it up, so I have this terrible feeling they've already sold out, and I may need to pay ridonkulous amounts at Oz retail.

      It's back on at Ozgameshop, at least for Xbox360. Thanks for the tip, BTW. Good price.

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