Terminator's T-800 Walks The Streets Of Brooklyn

Where others see household items, Peter Kokis sees robot parts. That's because Kokis builds costumes based on famous robots. Above, his T-800 endoskeleton from Terminator.

The costume weighs 120 pounds and took Kokis around 300 hours to construct, sourcing parts from "ordinary and readily-available household, hardware, and sporting goods items...stuff we all have in our kitchens, bathrooms, closets, and junk drawers."

According to him, many of the costume's parts are from the bathroom and are "toilet-related". Seriously.

Check out his T-800 costume as well as his Transformer outfits.

Brooklyn Robot Works [Official Site]


    That's a giant cod-peice he has there...

    Was that Nolan North in the blue shirt!?!?

    Transformers? I don't see any Transformers.

    That T-800 is rad though. 300 hours is a helluva long time but the result is crazy awesome.

    300 hours down the drain with crap quality photos

    Yes... But can he do the robot?

    Looks cool but almost nothing like the T800... yeh, sorry to be *that* guy.

    His Transformers are outstanding.

      Got any pointers on how he could improve on his design where he stated that it was trying to create an exoskeleton based on a endoskeleton?

      Especially since you consider his other outfits to be Transformers I'm sure you'd have some wonderful advice.

        Yeah I understand that the T-800 has to be fat but the design is completely wrong. One look at a T-800 endo will tell you they do not have copious amounts of rivets and he seems to have added many other parts.


    Instead of turning into a truck, Optimus Prime turns into a virgin

      The rather obvious black pot seems like he's meeting the kettle finally.

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