The Strangest PS3 Play Style On Earth

The Strangest PS3 Play Style On Earth

Yesterday, Kotaku posted this still image of an inventive way to hold the PS3 controller and play mecha game Armored Core.

I’d never seen anything like it. It was assumed that this was a gag. That’s exactly what Japanese forum users said when the photo first surfaced: is this a joke?

It might be a joke. Game designer Ollie Barder, who knows more about AC than anyone I’ve ever met, seemed to think this was tongue-in-cheek — a way for AC players to show just how complex the game’s controls are.

But as this above video shows, it’s no joke. Or, if it is a joke, it’s a really good one and one that nobody is laughing at.

This play style is called “AC mochi” (“AC持ち”) or “AC grip”.

Armored Core players can appreciate how this gamer is seemingly able to execute commands, while the rest of the world will simply scratch its head and go, “Wait, what?”

マジでプレイしやすいの? 噂の「AC持ち」を試してみた(動画あり) [Kotaku Japan]


  • I don’t care if I have to play standing on my head whilst being tickled by a thousand tiny angry midgets. With cattle prods. I want Armored Core 5.

    • Awesome! Although I realised the first thing I would do upon entering the battliefield with my glorious mech is to pop the cover on that dangerous looking red button and press the bejeezus out of it.

      There’s just something about forbidden, dangerous looking and brightly colored buttons that just makes a man want to press it and see if something blows up.

      That’s not just me is it?

  • I call bullshit, anyone can place a camera on a table and record there hands pretending to play a game. The amount of practice you would need to, not necessarily perfect, but even make this technique actually workable, is beyond comprehension…

    • I agree it’s likely untrue, but never underestimate the Japanese and their enthusiasm for mecha and their dedication to anything they’re enthusiastic about in general.

  • “…if it is a joke, it’s a really good one and one that nobody is laughing at”.

    Yeah, if no one’s laughing… then it’s not a joke.

  • If you can really handle the analogs with the middle finger like that then its workable, but I really can’t see the advantage…

    • With that type of grip it allows you to hit the face buttons while still moving the analog sticks. I’m not and Armored Core fan so I’ll use a COD example it allows you to jump and strafe and aim all at once, which with normal grip is pretty much impossible. However it would take ages to get used to using your fingers to control the analog sticks.

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