These Video Game Companies Hunt Pirates For Cash

You know how Witcher 2 developer CD Projekt were using German courts to go after alleged pirates of the game? And how they gave up when everyone told them how shitty the practice they were using was? Turns out CD Projekt are just the tip of the iceberg.

An investigation from file-sharing specialists TorrentFreak has revealed that a large number of video game publishers are involved in the same practice of using a German legal loophole to harass accused pirates for ridiculous sums of money. Those publishers include Atari, the local distributors for games by Lucasarts, Square Enix and Techland (Dead Island) and Codemasters. Ubisoft was also once among the ranks, but told Rock, Paper, Shotgun that it ceased the practice three years ago.

Square Enix, Eidos & Other Game Giants All Demand Cash From Pirates [TorrentFreak]


    So... much... *filth*... (quoting Invader Zim). Glad to see Kotaku reporting on this (and especially Torrent Freak :D). As potential customers, we NEED to know this. I oppose piracy, but extortion (yes, threatening people for money, then being unable to legally defend your demands is extortion) is inexcusable. Hope the relevant criminals are punished under the laws of their respective countries.

    Geez, thanks Kotaku. What ever happened to just making them buy the full game, or pay equal to its price? Back in the old days I remember little tricks devs used to tell if the game hadn't been paid for (before DRM and cracking). They were obtrusive enough to turn the game into a demo until you went and bought it, but didn't turn the tables on you something aggressive.

    Now though it seems like there are companies out there using whatever methods they can to get heaps of money out of people. "so anyone distraught?" "mmm, I reckon I can do that... Hang on... Yep, totally devastated" "awesome, we can use that in courts, emotional damage compo... Any other contrived excuses?".

    Of course it's probably deeper than that, but with people taught that they *deserve* xyz and anyone they think has wronged them or their clients should be treated like sin itself these days, well, it wouldn't surprise me if it's just more moneylust.

      Sorry, meant "Geez, that's worrying. Cheers Kotaku" up the top ;)

    Ubisoft doesn't extort people? Oh, well now I can buy their games!

    ... not really.

      whats really shitty is ubisoft is doing fine yet THQ is the one suffering

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