This Silent Hill/Kindergarten Cop Conspiracy Is All Too Real

In the dark recesses of this Silent Hill Forum lies one of the creepiest things I've ever seen: A Kindergarten Cop/Silent Hill conspiracy theory that is ALL TOO REAL. This can't be a coincidence? Can it? I really hope it's a coincidence!

If it was just one thing, I would be so freaked out. BUT IT'S ALL OF THE THINGS!

Thanks Hyoushi!


    what's the conspiracy?

    Puppylicks linked this in TAY this morning.
    Freaky Shit.



    Oh right. Sorry, I just wanted to fit in.

    Anyway, that is a little too coincidental to be an accident. Assuming the images aren't doctored, I think somebody is an Ivan Reitman fan. He is, after all, a genius.

    Also -- I don't know if you noticed -- but both buses have the number 7 on it.


    Oh Sh-!
    *Climbs antenna and attaches foil "lasers"*


    This is amazing and all, and I want to just enjoy this and move on BUT I'm going to ask... are we SURE that all of this stuff is actually in the game. The bus and the doors, sure. But the posters... are we sure these haven't been shopped into the game screenshots as a joke?

    I hate to be that guy, but I personally haven't played a lot of Silent Hill 1 so I haven't seen any of these for myself.

      That 7 is actually part of what has me believing. It's such a minor detail that I think only a very careful hoaxer would have added it.

      Aside from the possibility of a hoax, there's also the whole prop recycling issue.

      Just look at how often this newspaper shows up.

      The details might all be real but the exact same props could have been used in any number of Elementary school based films and TV shows. Hell, the Silent Hill guys could have just phoned up the film studio and asked them for a bunch of props from Elementary school based films to base their assets on.

        That is hilarious, now I'm going to be noticing it everytime I watch TV

        I wonder how many actors notice that. "I already read this one!"

        But the thing is... Silent Hill is a video game... therefore they need no physical props so why would they bother with taking scans of those physical props

      I have the game yes everything matches up

    It was a tumour all along and its messing with our minds!

    I can't tell if I want to rewatch Kindergarten Cop or replay Silent Hill. But it's one of the two.


      At the same time.

      You wanna rewatch Kindergarten Cop.

        I am right now, because of this article. Such a good movie.

      I thought the point of this article is that it doesn't matter which one you do. They're the same thing


      Don't be a PARTY POOOPER, do both.


    Has there been anyone else validate any of this?

    Back to looking at vaginas all day long, pretty freaky though!

      I'll assume you're in G&O at a hospital somewhere.

      Don't disillusion me.

    Wait, does the game sync perfectly with dark side of the moon? Coz in that case: mind, meet blown.

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say the majority of schools during that era were legally obliged to have the same warning posters up around the place and if someone was doing their job right, they would have taken influence from the real world counterparts. either that or one of the artists was watching the movie at the time. either that, or HOLY SHIT HIDE

    This article reminded me how much I miss the old Silent Hill classics. Silent Hill 2 is still one of the best games of all-time.

      I could never finish it. Scared the crap out of me.

    First, I would chust like to get to know you.

    i wish every monster in that game was arny

    imagine pyramid head just yelling out randomly

    I keep coming back expecting more comparisons >.>

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