The Mystery Of EB's Hilarious Hijacked Video Game Covers

Michael Preston was scouring the bargain bin at his local EB when he noticed something was a little... off. He looked closer at the game he was considering buying. "The Rock?" He asked himself. "In Brothers in Arms? I don't remember anyone mentioning that in the reviews..."

He's not quite sure where these slight modifications came from — the rumour is that a recently fired employee was to blame, but that's pure speculation. Regardless — these are absolutely brilliant. My personal favourite is the baby attached to Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe.

The best part about this is that it's not photoshop. Someone has actually physically cut out and glued these modifications to the cover art.



    That Force Unleashed one IS HILARIOUS

    This is the best thing I've ever seen

    I can't stop lauging at the $59.91 price tag on Imagine Fashion Idol.
    There's actually a market for that sort of thing???

      It's EB.

      They're still charging $60 for new copies of de blob 2

        Also, I believe the ".92" and ".91" indicates some sort of mark-down or something done when the product is scanned.

          Correct. Going off the prices these pictures are 2-3 years old.

        True that. They're even still charging $60 for new copies of Super Princess Peach.

    Y U GET FIRED!!?!?!

    Force Unleashed one and MK ones are easily my faves! :D

    The funniest thing was the $70 price tag on FIFA 08.

    Awesome way to stick it to the man


    Dead giveaway that these are old pictures:
    Street Fighter IV in the coming soon section of the Madden pic.
    Looks like Blood in the Sand is also in either the new release or coming soon section as well in the same pic.

    I wish developers actually would throw some comedy into the "too serious" bag. The Metal Gear Animal Hospital game would be str8 champin!

    I can imagine some bored little geek locked up in the store room with some magazines, some hobby glue and an evil grin on his face. And the geek is a LEGEND!

    How old are these photos? EB hasn't used those stickers for a couple of years now.

    I used to do this to my old flatmates games all the time!
    My fav was sticking Elton John's head on the soldiers on the cover of Bad Company 2!

    I feel like I should clarify a few things that make this mystery even more mysterious

    The first is that Michael Preston does not exist.
    These photos were a joint effort of myself, the manager and the assistant manager of an EB Games store in South Australia.
    I was fired from EB about two years ago and both my manager and assistant manager moved onto bigger and better things. These cut and paste jobs are from a time when we all worked together (circa 2009 perhaps) as some of you have already been able to work that out through the exorbitant (even for 2009) price tags.
    I was fired from the store for destroying stock, but that is a completely different story.
    Now that we have all left EB I thought it was time our handy work was shared.

    Thanks Kotaku!

      You destroyed stock for an awesome gaming store??

      You deserve to get fired.

        *Scratches head* Since when was EB an 'awesome' anything?

        Let me clarify, Henry, Clay Henry.

        The stock was not destroyed, I merely jumped over a stack of boxes with stereo equipment in them. Not even games.
        Also, the gaming store you speak of is the opposite of awesome.

      So does that mean the start of the story has been fabricated to make it seem like recent news? From what you said it seems like they have had nothing to write about and kind of invented a story to go with the pics?

        Images are funny, just nod and laugh


    Wait, this isn't a Luke Plunkett story?!


    Last Remnant - $109.95

    This is brilliant! The 50 cent Imagine Dream Weddings is the best. "I do, bitches!"
    Michael, I've just stopped working for EB and I found myself to be under-appreciated, under-worked, and under-paid. I'm not surprised you were fired for no good reason, as I saw my manager and assistant manager getting away with murder and somehow, as key-holder and therefore next-in-line, I always copped the brunt of their mistakes from the area manager. I'm so glad I don't work there any more.
    Bollocks to EB. Your handy-work is brilliant.

    I dont know whats funnier - The faces, EB's prices, or the fact that this Michael Preston fool even goes to EB to buy games.

    Yeah, the Order of the Phoenix one is my favorite haha

    I guess it's time for JB Hi-Fi to step up their game. Tongue-in-cheek reviews are good, but these are great.

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